Rangers Recap; Thoughts and Rants

October 29, 2011, by

Well that was interesting. The Rangers keep finding ways to lose games. First they couldn’t muster any offense, now they can’t hold leads and through all of it, they have still to play a complete game this season, something they were nowhere near to doing this afternoon. With the 5-4 shootout victory for the Senators in the books, let’s get to some thoughts on the game.

  • Gaborik and Richards looked good tonight. Gaborik in particular has had a good start to the year and it showed today. He was full of energy and yet again he went to the net and was rewarded. That’s how you score goals and what was missing last year. I’m ready to declare that Gaborik is definitely back.
  • Seriously, the Rangers have been outshot in every single game? That is an abysmal trend.
  • The Rangers first period was dire. Their second period was solid and they began the third fine, then they lost complete control. 4 goals scored (to an extent) masks another poor performance
  • Erik Christensen doesn’t score in shootouts anymore. So what is his role now? Electric Six had a song called ‘Naked pictures of your mother’… I think EC has shots of Torts’ mother because there is no other way of explaining his presence on this roster any more.
  • Spezza’s redirect goal; you need to move players out the way there. Exhibit A of why this team needs Staal back quickly.
  • Some Twitter folk (including Brooks) said the call on Konopka was borderline; why? Anisimov had his head down and was facing the boards when Konopka came in elbow out and planted Anisimov into the boards. Penalty. Simple call.
  • Dubinsky was better, more engaged, but seriously; can the guy hit the net now? He gets a fat new deal to hit the plexi 300 times a year? Get him doing shooting drills 8 hours a day and every time he misses the net, 30 press-ups. He’ll either become Brett Hull-esque or have the body of a Greek God: win-win for Dubinsky.
  • So there were actually some good things to come out of this game. Richards looked faster more confident. The power play was better. Gaborik continues to improve game by game. Del Zotto is growing more confident and is playing better. Mike Sauer is healthy and ready to hit anything that moves. Penalty kill solid (despite the one PPG). Lot’s to build on……honestly.
  • Just one Ottawa based remark: Jason Spezza is starting to look like the Spezza of a few years back when he was one of the top 5 centers in the league. If he gets back to that and their D grow (ton of talent on the blueline) this team actually has a decent future.
  • San Jose next. Very possible that the Rangers start their home season 0-2-1. Now that’s a scary thought on Halloween weekend.
  • I’m not going to discuss Wolski because you know what; not everything he did was bad. Just a bad ending to the game.
  • One mini rant to end the quick hits: Seriously MSG; your team throw away a 3 goal lead, have OT looming and you boo? Awful timing to vent your frustration. A nervous, fragile team doesn’t need that at that crucial point in time. Poor show fans, very poor show – dumb actually.

The Rangers probably played 15 solid minutes out of the 60 today. That isn’t enough to deserve a win in the ECHL, let alone the big league. Tortorella needs to get in to the players heads. Is this form a coaching issue? Is it technical issues? Is it a lack of focus? It’s all of that. The passing is poor (Richards crisp passes aside), players look nervous, team-wide the confidence is low and Tortorella doesn’t seem to have many answers in the past few games.

The season is still young; this hasn’t gone from a talented young side to a lottery pick in two weeks but the Rangers need some serious practice time and a chance to re-focus.


  1. Rickyrants13 says:

    The Fans??? The Rangers blow a 3 goal lead and your gonna get on the fans??? NO way. This team earns everything they get from the fans. We have been told not to boo. Not to call out a coaches job. Not to ride fragile players while they are playing like crap.

    Its over the love for Torts is Over. The giving the team a pass is over. If this was the Devils They would be talking new coach right now Ya know why? They dont like to lose and they dont stand by while they lose.

    • jay h says:

      what love for torts? I’m beginning to think bruce boudreau was right. Our fans have been embarassing. If every team fired coaches after a 3-3-3 stretch coaches would be fired left and right

      • Rickyrants13 says:

        Your not getting it? This team is’nt being booded just because of what they have done this year.

        They are being booded because its the same old story as the last two years.

  2. pavel says:

    We will boo as much and as loudly as we want when this team doesn’t play well. They thoroughly earned those boos.

  3. Mike says:

    It’s time to get rid of Tortorella!!! The longer he will coach this team, the bugger damage will be. It’s obvious that players don’t want to play for him anymore, his stupid system got them fed up the throat.
    FIRE TORTORELLA ASAP to save Rangers season before it’s too late!!!

    • jay h says:

      how is it obvious they don’t want to play for him. People spew this all of the time and nobody ever gives any evidence other than theyre playing poorly

      • The Suit says:

        They have no specific analysis, just irrational hate

        • Joe says:

          Is there specific analysis on how they want to play for him?

          • The Suit says:

            Read our posts, we thoroughly back up our points of view.

            • Joe says:

              I love your posts, but I dont recall seeing anywhere that you expressed that your POV wasyou felt that they played hard for Torts. I Could be wrong though

              • The Suit says:

                I don’t know what they play for in terms of what motivates, but last season everyone commended them for playing a hard nosed, “lunch pail” game and I believe that is a credit to Torts and his mantra.

                They haven’t looked the same way this season, but I believe they can turn it around.

  4. Mike says:

    BTW as soon as Torts ” The Dictator” is fired we must bring back Avery!!!!!!!!!

  5. bob says:

    Didnt read the review yet,but would like to look at some positives.WW finally played like he cared.The offense finally woke up a little.Hope they can build off it.Calli and Dubie were much better.Our top D had a bad game,hopefully its just one game.Torts is not going anywhere.Sather should have been gone years ago,he is still here,so I know barring a total collapse,Torts is staying.

  6. bob says:

    Your recap pretty much hits it on the head.There are a lot of issues at play.Its not just one thing.Some of the guys that were playing good,did not tonight.Others played well.There are confidence issues.Coaching is questionable.And Ottawa offense looked good in the third.Obviously,they need some practice time,like you said.

  7. Chris says:

    I’ve played competitive sports to a pretty high level when I was younger and I know I played better when I had the backing of people around me. Having 18,200 people booing before you start a 5 min OT period after that collapse does NOT help. Do you want your team to win or do you want to pay to boo?

    When the game is over, BOO like hell if you want. Even if they win, boo like hell to tell them it’s not OK the way they played. But booing at that stage was totally counter productive and idiotic. We’re Rangers fans, we’re not Philly fans.

    And Avery back, yeah ok… he’d have been the Knight in shining armour tonight wouldn’t he? He wouldn’t have helped with that collapse. Its such as easy thing to say; ‘Bring Avery back’. (and I’m an Avery fan)

    • bob says:

      I agree,booing is ridiculous.Your right,voice your displeasure when the game is over.Thats why alot of players don’t want to come here and play.Between the media and the fans it is a tough place to play.Obviously Avery is not an issue.But some people really like him and because they associate him being in the minors with Torts arrogance,they will whine.But if missing Avery is affecting us,then this team has some serious problems.And like you,I like Avery.But there is too much against him to really want him back.

    • Rickyrants13 says:

      Sorry but if an NHL player making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of dollars needs us not to boo to play better then its a sad sad state. The fans arent happy with them or the coach right now and no changes will be made if everyone just goes there and is all nice and all. Torts needs to be booed right out of town.

      We are going on two years of poor hockey one in which we just made the playoffs. And the other where we did’nt. Then add that to yet another poor start and this is what your gonna get.

      Lets face it if the reason we were losing was only due to players not haveing enough playing time together ot because our top D man is injured then I could say please dont boooo or call for Torts to be fired.

      But no one has been changed in a coaching staff that can fix a PP or a faceoff win situation. And nothing has been done about this clown changing up the line so much. Lines that everyone else can see are flawed from the start….

      • jay h says:

        For the record our powerplay was 2 for 2 yesterday. And what lines would you like to see if you know so much about the team?

        • Rickyrants13 says:

          Telling me the PP was 2 for 2 against Ott just shows me that all you want to do is stand up for what we have allready.

          I would try a combo like this.

          line 1 Cally, Richards, Gabs Ide play Cally off wing why not. He is the best for the job.

          line 2 Dubi, Stepan, Feds

          line 3 Prust, Boyle, Wolski

          line 4 Newbury, AA, Rupp AA seemed to play better when he was on a line that was able to take the body. Try it again…

          • The Suit says:

            Why do you get on Torts for constantly changing line combos, but then you are coming up with new line combos yourself?

            Don’t you see the hypocrisy in that?

            • jay h says:


            • Rickyrants13 says:

              Sorry your wrong here. I was asked by another poster what I would do. And its what I would have done from the start. Not what I would do everytime the wind blew up my panties like Torts does.

              See most people can see that the lines were flawed from the start. But our coach cant. Im not gonna sit here and say that My lines would work cause I have no idea if they would or not.

              But I do know that My lines would have some of each thing a line needs to succeed. And his lines dont… And with that I would put them together and let them learn as a unit. Something Torts does not.

              And when I see that they arent playing with any jump Ide move them back on the depth chart till they get it. Till they get that the only way any line is gonna work is if they all go out and play as hard as they can.

              This team doesnt get that yet. And it makes you wonder why. Is Cally the right guy for the C??? Is Torts the right coach??? Do we really have a team that has given up??? What is it???

              That also brings us back to last year. I really dont see any difference in this teams effort under Cally then I did Drury. Why is that???

              • jay h says:

                I think everyone who sees your lines notices the flaws, beginning with the fact that you’re asking a good piece of the team to change positions.

              • Rickyrants13 says:

                Im not asking for anything more then One more player then what the team allready has playing. I did see that I wrote the third line down wrong Switch WW and Prust.

  8. bob says:

    Erixon and Newbury sent down.Avery coming back up as new coach for Rangers.Kidding aside,I wonder who they call up if anybody.

  9. the suit says:

    Amen. I read alot of hate, but no one ever gives any sensible alternatives.

  10. Mikeyyyy says:

    Rangers record with Avery in the lineup: 129-89-32
    Rangers record without Avery in the lineup: 56-42-14

    He’s true blue. Won’t play anywhere else. Wont give up Won’t back down. That’s Ranger Hockey. That guy plays on your team.

    Every team has them. ESA tickkanen, Claude Lemieux, Sean Avery.
    Super pests. You hate them but you gotta love em.

    Torts won’t make it past game 40. Your right though. This is a rebuilding year. Gotta find the right coach to help us take it to the next level.

  11. bob says:

    Avery wins it in shootout for Whale.Whale playing good hockey.Avery did it again in the second,taking a senseless slash in the offensive zone.Luckily it didnt hurt the Whale.But it could have changed the momentum in a scoreless tie.I wonder if Avery can’t control himself.And with the dislike of the refs in the NHL he will get called all the time.I dont know why some people can’t see the detriment of Averys actions.Anyway,good to see the Whale playing well,helps our potential Rangers build confidence in a winning atmosphere.

    • Rickyrants13 says:

      This would all sound alot better if there were more then 6 players with any kind of chance to make the big club on the Whale

      • bob says:

        Actually this year there are quite a few young guys down there.And if the Whale is doing well it reflects on Gernander so if Sather thinks Gernander could step in for Torts,maybe it helps to achieve what you want,Torts gone.Your hatred for Torts is clouding your vision.I will admit I dont like alot of things about Torts.I just think its a little premature to fire him right now.And that it could actually hurt the team.We finally have some stability in the organization as a whole.Sather has been better,we have legitamate prospects,great farm system with a great coach,Dolan is spending money for theplayers benefit i.e.locker room,gym,state of the art electronics and so on.We have to have some patience.I would rather have Avery over E.C. too but its not so black and white.Do I believe Torts personal feelings helped that decision,of course I do.But it may actually be not that bad of a move.I would still like to see E.C. gone a.s.a.p.

        • Rickyrants13 says:

          This is not a hatred. Its being able to see more then what has gone on just this year. A good coach sees that things arent working and he tries to fix them. This guy doesnt do that. He hasnt changed one man on his coaching staff all while having a pathetic PP and guys who cant win faceoffs.

          As for you saying that their are players down in Hartford who can help one day? LIke I said there are only like 6 players down there who can maybe one day do that.

          Ryan Bourque, Pavel Valentenko? if he can fix his skating. Carl Hagelin, Mats Zuccarello??? So far not getting it. Tomas Kundratek and Erixon. Thats it There isnt much else down there. And if everything goes the way it normally does we might get something out of 2 to 3 of them if we are lucky…

          • bob says:

            As for Hartford there is also,Talbot Parlett,Niemi,Massachault?,Grant,Tanski,Tessier,Fast,Mcelvie.And your correct about most not making it.But it is alot better than it was a few years ago when 90% were career AHL.And next year there will be a few more bigger names.So a winning atmosphere is important.These are mostly young guys and they are beating the prospects of other teams.So have a little faith and hope.I completely understand where you are coming from because for years this organization has been a joke.And sather almost completely ran it into the ground.But I try to look to the future and see what direction we are going.And it finally looks better, thanks mostly to Clark.And I said,I really dont care for Torts,I just think you can’t fire Torts and not expect the team to be affected negatively.If we dont turn it around within a few weeks then I feel we have no choice to fire him.I just think it is too early to know if he has lost the team or once they come together maybe he will tweak the system.I think he knows that “dump it in,lose the puck,scramble and recover,dump it in,lose the puck,scramble and recover,etc.,etc. just does not work.

            • Rickyrants13 says:

              Jasper is not playing for the Whale yet and out of the guys you mentioned the only one I have hope for is JA. Marchessault

              • jay h says:

                that’s a “you” problem

              • bob says:

                Thats T.J.Fast,but my point was that its kids,and its not a bunch of career AHLers.And I stated at the beginning of this conversation “that its good to see them playing well” .I did not state that our future is so bright or anything.But I personally think that this organization,which was a joke for years,is finally looking a little better.The biggest downfall I see,the talent that we have is mostly on the small side.You can have 1 or 2 small guys on a squad.But thats it,So hopefully we can trade some of these guys.

              • Rickyrants13 says:

                Jesper Fasth is the only player with this name in our system And then we have a JT MIller

              • Dave says:

                T.J. Fast is a Whale-invite player who made the roster, and signed an AHL contract.

              • Rickyrants13 says:

                Funny how he wasnt showing up on the roster. He has played one game so far. And Im not trying to argue with you here. Im just not getting my hopes up about these players and I surely wouldnt add TJ to the list of players I think could one day help us.

  12. Ray says:

    We boo because we love. These fans are just letting the team know they are frustrated. No one is hating on the team. This is PRO SPORTS !!! These are pro athletes that get high when the fans are cheering them, and they should be able to handle when the fans vent their frustrations. “A nervous fragile team” ??? this is not pee wee hockey. These are adult pro athletes.

  13. Mikeyyyy says:

    They do look like their confidence is shot. Timid and robotic.

    Hmmm. How do you fix a situation where the team has regressed, the pp barely works, the players are not responding by not playing well and you have a losing record after 5-6 games plus losing 8-4 to a Swiss team?

    I challenge you to stop giving them excuses and offer real solutions. No more , they played 3 games in 3 days stuff. Real valid solutions. Here they are, short list.

    1. Change lines up.
    2. Watch more video.
    3. Bench a player.
    4. Strip a player of their letter.
    5. Find a new coach.
    6. Make a trade for missing pieces.
    7. Suck it up like fishies fan till your team comes around.

    • bob says:

      Whats with the fish reference?Are you talking about tanking to get the QB.Or crying in your beer until it gets better.

    • jay h says:

      1. He did that and people complained
      2. He almost definitely did that too
      3. He has benched players.
      4. And who should lose their letter?
      5. That just messes up the team more
      6. Who do you propose we trade for
      7. This is ridiculously irrational as this is not a team that will finish last.

  14. Walt says:

    This team is sleep walking under Torts, and they are playing with zero heart. Please someone answer, what the h*ll are we doing with EC on the roster, the man is useless. They say keep him for the shoot outs, and that part of his game is gone too. When will Haglin be called up, at least he can play some D at the forward position.

    On a lighter not, has anyone ever noticed that Dubi looks a lot like Walter Tkaczuk did in the late 60’s? Same hair due, big part on the side of the head, just reminds me of Walt!!!!!!

    • bob says:

      I guess a little.I met him a few times in the 70’s.Except he had a cold serious face wheras Dubie has that goofy farm boy look so its hard to separate the hair from the face.

  15. buttabella says:

    Really? Poor job in MSG booing the delicate psyche of our New York Rangers? Really? I’ve been to both games, planned on going to the next two, I’m disgusted. I’m not sweating a bad start as much as many but we are some of the smartest hockey people around and some of the play we have seen at MSG has been well deserving of the BOO birds. It’s gonna get worse before it gets better unless we start seeing some hitting and some passion. These guys look awful right now. OTTOWA? Are you kidding me? The boys better show up Monday to play or San HO will put another 7-2 whoppin on us like a couple years ago. And if that starts to happen, they will and they should hear it, all the way up!

  16. bob says:

    I understand alot of people not liking Torts but I think instead of firing him this early in the season and implementing a new coaches game we should give it some time.Yeah last year wasn’t great but we made some strides.I think if the Torts haters take a step back and look at the organization as a whole and the progress that has been made,it would be better to give it a little time.We could bring in another coach with a total different perspective and the teams gets blown-up.So how many more years before we get back the stability needed to have a sucessful organization.On paper,this team is not that bad.Does that mean they are going to live up to that?Of course not.Is Tortorella a problem?He might be.And the haters might be right,and there is a good chance they are.But am I willing to have a little more patience to see if Torts turns this around.Yeah I am because firing him now could have a negative impact on the progression to becoming a decent organization.Instead of the joke this organization has been for years.

    • Mikeyyyy says:

      He’s had 3 years to stabilize the team. He made an immediate impact and has tailed off considerably.

      I wouldn’t want a player like that on the roster and I certainly don’t want a coach like that behind the bench.

    • The Suit says:

      Atta boy Bob, very well said.

  17. coach internet says:

    The new forward lines:

    Tikkanen-avery-claude lemieux
    Fedotenko-anyone but EC-prust

  18. bwaybshirtb says:

    why not get rid of some spare parts and give mccabe a bargain deal for 1 year since no one else has?