Musings Time: McD’s Potential, Dubi Disappointing, & Another Poll

October 20, 2011, by

Let’s have a look at a few things together shall we? Today the Rangers look to put out some Flames and with the King playing like the King he is, confidence will be high that a win is on its way. On that confident note let’s get in to it.

Sean Avery

I couldn’t start this without discussing the Grate One could I? Sean Avery and the Rangers; it was often a marriage of convenience, sometimes a match made in heaven, but always likely to end badly. Avery is a controversial, outspoken type. Tortorella doesn’t like those types. Even the staunchest Avery fans out there; if you thought this was going to end with one (or both) riding off in to the sunset you were always mistaken. Avery does still have something to offer, but thanks to his mouth engaging before his brain he won’t get a chance to offer it – barring some strange circumstances.

New Poll – Is Torts Still The Right Coach For The Rangers?

Speaking of Avery, a couple of weeks back several of our readers were getting on us for being too critical of Sean. Suit created a poll asking everyone to vote on whether or not they were happy to see Avery waived, sort of to prove we weren’t the only ones looking at Avery with judicious eyes. The result? The fan-base was split almost 50/50.

In recent days it seems John Tortorella has taken over as the polarizing poster child for this team. So guess what? Time to vote again people!

PS- Don’t bother voting more than once. We check the logs and remove duplicates 😉

Calm Down Canada

I appreciate Rangers fans overreact to certain things – like a 3 game losing streak – but I find it amusing how the hysteria gets big quick in Toronto. I have family in Toronto and have been there countless times and it’s a great, great city. BUT, they do realise they did the same thing last year and missed the playoffs right? This is why Rangers fans needed to calm down; the Toronto example. They went 5-0 last year and fell off the radar so a 0-1-2 start by your boys was never a disaster.

Side note: By the way, I was in Toronto when the lockout season was cancelled and it was like the entire UK when Princess Diana died – a state of tangible immense national depression. That’s why I want Canada to get another franchise; they live and die our great sport.

Fantasy Revenge

I’m in a few leagues and in one I took two late round risks on Brian Campbell and Dion Phaneuf and got laughed out of the room. Campbell leads the league in assists, Phaneuf in plus/minus. Who’s laughing now?

McDonagh, Mc-doing it

I wanted Ryan McDonagh in his draft year and was left disappointed so when Sather pulled his master stroke I was naturally delighted by the potential. It’s now being realized. Kudos to Dave & The Suit, who have been referring since last season to McDonagh’s potential offense, which is often overlooked. Well he’s fast becoming a workhorse and if there was ever a benefit to the Staal injury this is it. Averaging a mighty 25+ minutes a game, 3 points and a +2 to begin the year; he’s doing it on the stat sheet, but it’s more than stats. Anyone that saw the way he moved in the offensive zone in Vancouver can’t help, but be excited by his hockey IQ and maturity.

Definition of invisible: 3 games played, no shots, no penalties, zero plus/minus, less than 7 minutes ice time per game.I’ll let you guys identify the obvious owner of this unimpressive stat line.

Disappointing Player of the Week

For the purpose of the title, assume the games so far have encompassed the first NHL week. The award goes to Brandon Dubinsky. His finishing has been dire (I could hit the net with greater frequency), his penalty count is through the roof and he simply isn’t doing anything of note. Brandon: it’s not your job to fight. As much as Gaborik, Richards and Callahan are the most important forwards on this team, this team needs Dubinsky to be much, much better.

Final thought of the day: Anyone out there still complaining the Rangers gave a try out to Ruslan Fedotenko just over a year ago? Thought not.


  1. becky says:

    LOL calm down Canada… I’m giggling. Love this.

    • becky says:

      also very sad to see my Doober looking like garbage, I think maybe he should be benched for a game. He should be a role model on this team, as he has been a staple for years and got a nice paycheck to stick around. He has to play with some discipline (and maybe a haircut, but that’s not the point).

    • Chris says:

      Haha I smiled when I wrote it. It’s true too. Hysteria there is almost comical!

  2. Zen says:

    Dubi is probably the most frustrating player on this team. He has it the skills, but it seems like he has nothing upstairs to match it.

    I have a feeling that in a few years, McD is going to be one of the best d-men IN THE LEAGUE.

    • Chris says:

      I agree on the mcd point. His upside his huge

    • Dave says:

      Dubi is still one of those “young kids” on the team. When the next infusion of youth occurs, it will thrust him into a leadership role as the new kids will look up to him. I think that’s when we see the next big jump.

      • bwaybshirtb says:

        problem with dubi is what is expected of him. we want him to be a burrows or phil kessel, when he is more our michael samuelson. a winning team he needs to be for us what we expect of zuccarello, not a match to gabby…stepan getting ice on the top is a great move..imagine if they waited years to give crosby more room to work with just because of his age. or any superstar in the league right now for that matter.
        i had a feeling this is how the season would start..reminds me of gomez…expecting him to be a top tier player instead of a lower 6 or even 9 solid player.
        early yet though. i just dont want it to be where he only steps up if someone is hurt..secondary scoring please.

      • scrangersfan says:

        Is it possible that Dubi is disappointed that his buddy Callahan got the C and he did not even gat an A on his jersey? I’m thinking maybe it is affecting his play.

        • The Suit says:

          Doubtful, Dubi is getting paid 4 mill, which is more than fair money for his skill set, doubt whether or not he has a letter is affecting his play. It’s early, some athletes just gotta shake off the cobwebs.

  3. JTC says:

    Nice nod to Feds. He’s really proven to be a solid workhorse. He and Boyle and Prust are a great combo, I call them the Bruise Line (BRandon, BRian, RUSlan, pRUSt!). They have the potential to be one of the best third lines in the league.

  4. Dave says:

    Torts is the right man, everyone just gets on him for Avery. I don’t get it though.

  5. Mikeyyyy says:

    Don’t be so hard on dubi. He just got over stress fractures in his legs. And has switched to a soft boot.

    Doesn’t seem like much but try going from low sports tires and sports suspension to comfort cruisers and air cushion suspension.

    He will get stronger as the season progresses.

  6. Walt says:

    As for McD, a shout out to Montreal, thanks again for taking our crap off of our hands, Gomez, for this kid, I love his game!!!!!

  7. Rickyrants13 says:

    Dont bench him DEMOTE HIM send him to the 4th line. Playing less then 7 min a game untill he gets the message. In fact thats what they should do with anyone who is’nt playing up to snuff.

    • The Suit says:

      Yea that’s a terrific way to get Dubi going (sarcasm).

    • Glen says:

      the fourth line might end up consisting of six guys if you were to do that. Dubi will be fine. I’m not worried about him.

  8. Joe says:

    I have no idea if Torts is or not, but something struck me after I read the Newsday the other day. Dale Weise said that playing for the Canucks was easy because there was no pressure, shift to shift, like there was for the Rangers. Avery said the same thing about “playing without pressure now”since being demoted. I wonder if Torts applies too much pressure shift by shift and then handing out consequences by changing lines and benching etc. Could be that Torts is holding the reigns too tight. Any thoughts?

    • The Suit says:

      Canucks are an elite team and are at a different stage of the game than the Rangers roster-wise. Trade was good for Dale because he gets a roster spot where with the Rangers he was constantly competing against a lot of guys for a spot. Torts even mentioned it after the trade.

      Good question though.

  9. Matt J says:

    Only player I would really take Gomez over on this team right now is EC.

    But remember this franchise would be in a very different place if Drury and Gomez worked out. If they had worked out we would not have Mcdonagh, Gaborik, and Richards. Maybe we’d even be cup winners.