Sunday Link Dump – Kreider Will Amaze; Thomas Has A Concussion?

October 9, 2011, by

It’s Sunday, which means it’s link dump time. You get to enjoy other people’s words instead of ours.

If you don’t read Chris Peters’ work on the USA prospects (at UnitedStatesOfHockey.com, then you are missing out. His piece on the All-America team in the NCAA is particularly interesting, because it talks about Chris Kreider:

If there’s a faster player in college hockey than Kreider, I have yet to see him. Kreider’s offensive game continues to improve to match his elite-level skating. The fact that Kreider is still in college is actually quite surprising, but also a very smart move on the player’s part.

So, let’s all be patient with Kreider, mmmkay?

Nick Perri at SNY Rangers blog has a good preview of the CT Whale’s defense. Considering all the prospects the Rangers have in the AHL, you will want to know what to expect from these guys.

It’s a little bit speculative, but Jess Rubenstein of The Prospect Park thinks that Christian Thomas may have suffered a concussion at the Traverse City Tournament:

Traverse City did not go well for Thomas and we kind of suspect that he may have suffered a minor concussion in the Traverse City final. Thomas took a elbow to the head early in that game and barely was a factor after that.

Elbows to the head are a nuisance, and Thomas has been scoreless in his first four games in the OHL.

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