Staal’s Concussion A Concern; Sitting Out Is Not

September 20, 2011, by

The Rangers are doing the right thing with Marc Staal.  A concussion is an evil bigot, and it is a pain to truly know when you are ready to get back in the action again.  With Staal, who is one the Rangers single most valuable skaters, the Rangers decided to err on the side of caution, which is the only choice they could make that would not endanger Staal’s health and possibly the Rangers season.

A long term injury to Staal could be devastating to the Rangers. While we don’t know for sure how serious this is, we do know that having him sit out keeps him out of harms way.  The fact that he missed all of yesterday’s skate, on the other hand, is a big cause for concern.  Staal has been cleared for contact, but his “fluid” issues make the red flags jump up from all around.

So, what do the Rangers do from here? Well, they do what they have been doing, which is be cautious, and monitor him 24/7. Concussions can get nasty (see: Crosby, Cindy), and the Rangers can ill afford to have one of their most experienced defensemen, and their best defenseman, go down long term.

What should we as fans do? Well, take a step back from the ledge for starters.  Remember, he has been cleared to play and been cleared for contact.  Of course, that can change at any moment, but as of the penning of this post (6pm, 9/19), all we know is that he had a concussion, has been cleared to play, was held back for precautionary reasons, and has some fluids.

I have to be honest here, we need to stop referring to things as “fluid issues”. It just sounds wrong, and to be blunt, I feel weird typing the word fluid this many times in one post.


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  1. mhurley says:

    What exactly do you mean by fluid issues? where’s the fluid? On the brain? the knee? I don’t get it.

  2. Walt says:

    The thought of not starting the season with Marc is troubling, but I believe that because of the shear numbers of quality d-men in the system, we can handle it better this year, vs years gone by.
    It would be nice if Marc does sit for a few games, that V-Tank gets a long look at from the management, because if he goes to the AHL, we could lose him when we try to recall him, should that need arise.

  3. Blueshirt in Paris says:

    Fluids? I thought Torts used that word to describe the situation as ‘constantly moving’.

    Or am I the idiot? 😉

  4. Section 121 says:

    he’s not hydrated?

  5. becky says:

    I think the use of “fluid” here is more to describe that the injury is a concern that can appear at anytime. Think of fluid assets, you have access to them at any time. Staal has access to his pain at any given time.. yay?

    This post gets an A, if only because you used “fluid” and not “moist,” the grossest word in the English language, and also for using “evil bigot” which made me giggle at my desk. Oh and I guess for good content as well.

  6. HARLEMBLUES says:

    R you guys and gal really having trouble with fluid issues or is this some running white collar humor? Stay moist.