Good News For Staal/Sauer; Ranger Nation Backs Away From Cliff

September 20, 2011, by

There has been much publicity regarding the injuries for Marc Staal (concussion) and Mike Sauer (right knee tendinitis).  Today, there was good news all around, as Staal, who sat out yesterday, participated in practice and drills.  He was held out of scrimmages, but that’s to be expected.  As for Sauer, he participated in a delayed Camp Torts, which he missed because of the injury.

Sauer seems to be progressing nicely, as the Rangers organization would not make him participate in such a workout if his knee was not close to 100%.  Camp Torts is difficult enough as is, without having to deal with tendinitis on a knee that has troubled Sauer in the past.  Expect him to be back up to speed sooner rather than later.

For Staal, the word is still “cautious”.  He still has some post-concussion issues, but they are mainly limited to headaches.  It seems that the more intense the workout, the more intense the headache. That makes sense. The good news is that he is not suffering from any other symptoms like dizziness, nausea, or ringing in the ears.

Having both back in the fold before the season starts is critical to the team’s success. Rushing them, however, is not. It’s good to see that the Rangers are treating these injuries with caution. Let’s all stop panicking about them and a potential signing of Paul Mara (more on that tomorrow), and just wait until it’s October before we panic, ok?


  1. Becky says:

    Tendinitis is one of those nasty, irritating lifelong things that comes up when you least expect it, like PMS or herpes. I really hope it doesn’t affect too much of Sauer’s career because he seems promising. Adding muscle should help him though.

    A- for the post, because you’re making me anxious for October and the possibility of a majestic Paul Mara beard (anything to get the Dubi and Boyle porn-staches out of my head please)