Training Camp Injury Updates

September 16, 2011, by

Artem Anisimov and Mike Sauer are the two “regulars” who did not participate in the first day of Camp Torts this morning due to their own injuries.  Sauer tweaked his knee this summer, and it’s the same knee that has limited his action in the past.  The Rangers have announced that it is tendinitis, and it is something that will need to be monitored. Side note: I don’t get the spelling of tendinitis. It’s a tendon, but it’s tendinitis.  Where did the rogue ‘I’ come from?

As for Anisimov, there is great news on his front, as the MRI on his knee came back negative.  Anisimov was held out today because of a red flag during his physical, but the negative MRI means he will be back tomorrow.

Marian Gaborik was not at camp today, as he was attending the funeral services of Pavol Demitra.  Blake Parlett was also held out of camp today, with a knee injury he suffered at the Traverse City tournament.

Some roster updates: Randy McNaught was not invited to camp, but Matt Rust was (contrary to the post below), as were Chris McKelvie and Scott Tanski.

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