Baby Rangers Fall In OT; Advance To Traverse City Finals

Looks like the Baby Rangers won’t be going undefeated in the tournament after all, dropping the last game of round-robin play to the Baby ‘Canes 4-3 in overtime.  It stinks to see them lose, but they will advance to the finals of the TC tournament anyway.  Some notes:

  • Christian Thomas’ giveaway led to the winning goal, but the kid has had a strong tournament regardless.  He also added a goal and an assist this game.  He’s young and small, but he has the elusiveness and the offensive skill to make it in this league.
  • Tim Erixon is going to make the Rangers.
  • Shane McColgan is looking more and more like a steal every second he plays.  Sure, he has flaws and needs to refine some aspects of his game, but in a few years, he could be scary good.
  • I’m making Jon Audy-Marchessault’s nickname JAM.  Not because he goes and hits everyone, but because they are his initials.  I’m creative.
  • Speaking of JAM, the kid sure does have some hands, doesn’t he?
  • Most of the Rangers prospects getting the top minutes are showcasing speed, skill, character, and grit.  That’s a quality combination there.
  • Jason Missiaen rebounded nicely from what I thought to be a mediocre performance in the first game.  They weren’t all pretty, but he made 38 saves, which is a nice accomplishment.
  • Tommy Grant is one of the oldest players at the tournament, but he looks lost, doesn’t he?
  • J.T. Miller didn’t have an offensive touch this game, but he still plays the part of the grinder pretty well. In a weak 2011 draft, at least he gives you the effort you want from a player.
  • Has anyone seen Michael St. Croix?
  • Or Sam Noreau?
  • Let’s end this on a positive.  Tim Erixon.  Period.

4 Responses to “Baby Rangers Fall In OT; Advance To Traverse City Finals”

  1. I think I really underestimated Ryan Bourque. I think if he outplays Avery, Christensen, Feds he could find himself a roster spot. Same with Hagelin.

    • I definitely underestimated him. I don’t think they put him on the roster unless he makes the top-nine though. Avery’s spot may be in jeopardy, and EC may wind up in CT if he’s not careful.

  2. we all heart the erixon kid and can’t wait to see how he performs in training camp. i can’t remember a ranger prospect who generated such universal anticipation among the fans since the ferraro twins, or maaaybe manny “The Next mark Messier” malhotra.

  3. I saw St. Croix, on the puck, forechecking and creating chances for his linemates, what games were you watching???