MSG Renovation Needs To Scrap The “Sky Bridges”

August 31, 2011, by

Madison Square Garden is special. Some say it’s the prime location, some say it’s the history, others say it’s the people who fill the stands. Being the eternal centrist that I am, I think it’s all of the above. However, having been to arenas all over the country, I have to say that MSG is also special because of its unique architecture, which everyone knows is currently being redesigned.

There is no other arena from here to the Pacific that looks and feels the way MSG does. Most arenas I have been in look the same, even the new ones, they’re ubiquitous.  MSG is the only arena I can think of where you can look to the heavens after an amazing goal or a clutch save and see that gorgeous golden ceiling. Well, that’s about to change…

Dolan and company are renovating MSG, for good reasons no doubt, but the addition of a party bridge or sky bridge or whatever they’re calling it, makes no sense to me. It is not good for the fan experience and more importantly (to the suits); it doesn’t bring in any additional revenue.

Adding floor level suites makes sense. Companies have spent millions on sponsorships and in return received a box miles away from the ice. Now they’ll finally have a view reflective of the dollars they spend. Good for them.

Bringing back the Blue Seats makes sense. It’s part of the Garden’s history. The concourses will also be bigger (thank god), and there’s even a party deck – which will be up behind the Blue Seats – for those who wish to get out of their seats and socialize. No complaints here.

But this sky bridge thing is bugging me and I don’t get its purpose. Anyone care to explain?

A couple of years back fans launched lights from their thundersticks on to the ice endangering the players they supposedly adore. And now you want these people suspended over the arena? Um bad idea…

Ok, other than me, I’m sure there aren’t any other fans that care about that. Fair enough, but what about the view?

The whole purpose of a renovated arena is to make better sightlines. What kind of sightline do you have if there’s a bridge in your peripheral vision? If you look at the computerized mock-up, these bridges look pretty distracting. They’re right in your line of sight.

The MSG Renovation is a good thing, but if they want it to be a great thing, lose the bridges…


  1. Rickyrants13 says:

    I too have have thought they were not needed since I first heard of them. Not only are they a waste of money but they are for the most part useless. And to boot they will not allow you to see the fans on the other side of the ice. And thats the worse part of it.

  2. Matt J says:

    I think they got rid of the idea actually. I think it was safety issues. Very impractical anyway.

  3. Matt J says:

    I can’t find the source. It might have been crap but maybe not. It is pretty annoying to look at but I think as long as you don’t sit in the nosebleeds your unaffected. But having a nice big TV if you do sit up there is plus so you could catch a replay.