Guest Post by Sene: In The Spirit Of Youth…Why Not Get W(e)ise About Things?

August 17, 2011, by

I opened my email last night and received an email that intrigued me.  It was from a fan of the blog (Sene) who was just pitching a post (more of a rant) to me about Dale Weise.  This is a hot topic for Ranger fans, especially since the arrest of Sean Avery.  Without further ado, here is Sene’s post/rant:

The Rangers have been wiping the behind of Sean Avery for long enough.  With all the young talent that has been developed in the system and its recent success, why not give Dale Weise a (money saving) slot in sean Avery’s stead?

Weise would be more support than Avery for Mike Rupp and Brandon Prust in the brawler department. He would also most likely be a bit more tame and respectable, taking on a Prust like role. The reason for this line of thought: John Tortorella. We’ve all seen Tort’s famous multiple smacks to the back of Avery (and Dubinsky) after they made disappointing decisions that cost the team. Such smacks led to tears in both players eyes. Not anger.

This coach commands respect from the team and for the team. Young players tend to look up to individuals like Torts and want to impress them like a son would his father. These players have not made it rich yet by any means. They are working for contracts, not putting up subpar numbers for a high salary while interning for Vogue.

If Avery is unimpressed by Tortorellas tactics, that’s fine. The Cup count is at Torts:1 Avery: 0.  Look at what Torts did in Tampa with its core youth. John Tortorella was the cherry on Brad Richards ice cream sundae when making his decision on what team had whored themselves out enough to bring him to town. Tort’s bond with Richards was strong enough, that said player was fine promising him nine years of service. (Maybe six years and a buyout).

While not yet proven, who is to say Weise can’t be the 2010-2011 Bruins’ Milan Lucic for the 2011-2012 Blueshirts.  He has the both the physical size and the heart.

Lets finally admit that as nice as the idea may seems (Mr. Brooks) , it probably wouldn’t be Avery to spark a long term flame under Marian Gaborik’s behind. People in the press box need to come to grips with the fact that Avery is just an agitator; no more, no less. Give a kiss goodbye, would you? Give Weise a go. What’s his criminal record like anyway?

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Side note:  This got me thinking.  If you have any ideas you want to pitch to us as posts, definitely feel free to shoot us an email.  You don’t have to write a full on post if you aren’t comfortable, but anything you want to see us discuss is always welcomed. 


  1. Chris says:

    Nice post Sene but Avery is a lot more than ‘just’ an agitator it’s just that he has underperformed for too long.

    He has offensive ability, good on the forecheck and can be used in a variety of ways when he’s on his game. He’s clearly in last chance saloon though so he needs a quick start this season whatever line he finds himself on.

  2. Dave says:

    I’m not a Weise fan, but I think he should be given a fair shot. If he outplays someone on the roster, than he should be playing. But as of now, he’s not outplaying people on the NHL roster.

    • Chris says:

      I’ve always liked Weise as you know, but yeah he needs to win a spot and outplay people. He has a nice blend of size, skill and aggression though so he has the tools.

    • RangerSmurf says:

      I like Weise too, but a “Milan Lucic” comparable is August optimism at its finest.

    • John says:

      Weise has earned his shot at being a bottom six plug on the big club. Frankly, I’d rather have him than Avery given the choice (his arrest has nothing to do with it). I’ve always been a big Avery fan, but his demeanor suggested he was disinterested and uninspired last season. I’d rather have a guy who has to fight every practice in order to keep his roster spot.

  3. The Suit says:

    I think Weise is going to get a shot this season. Whether he seizes it or not remains to be seen, but I think he’ll get a legit chance if Avery acts a fool.

  4. Matt J says:

    He lost me when he said “led to tears in both players eyes”. What? There’s no crying in Hockey.

  5. WTF says:

    so sick of people comparing SC winning Tampa team and the Rangers. Tampa had VL, StLouis, and young BRich with Bulin wall who was on top of his game. Rangers ain’t got none of that! well, maybe some of that, like old BRich and fragile Gaborik.

    oh and, Weise sucks. End of story.

  6. Section 121 says:

    Here’s the new Rangers lineup;


    Awesome – Now, let’s go get that Cup!

  7. MaddRush says:

    We have enough grunts on this team already! I’d rather have some skill in Avery’s spot, if he gets canned.

  8. csfarrell says:

    Blah bla blah, Sean Avery , whah whah whah… . Oh noes Avery got arrested. No NHL player has ever had a tustle with the police before he’s the only one. Oh and he never plays well either I dont think he’s ever done anything on the ice. Its not like the guy played his ass off all last year jumping from one foot to the other trying to please a coach who is notorious for developing an opinion and sticking with it about a player regardless of what they do to change it. I have an idea, lets all mind our own business and pretend that what happens in a hockey players life outside the rink and especially in the off-season is his own business.Lets see if Sean earns his roster spot like he has every year since the “sloppy seconds”incident and lets see if Weise can earn a spot for himself as well. Really people we need to get off the avery hate wagon this is just dumb.

  9. bshirtb says:

    listen, i really like avery.
    forget about the off the rink problems.
    on the ice he has proven that he can be good when he focuses, which is severely difficult apparently. in addition, whatever side of the ice he’s on must be laced with olive oil because the man ruins every rush he is a part of by going offsides. add that to bad penalties. sucker punches. stupid comments, poor decision making. you start wondering about his perks.
    Send him to the jets. for a team who’s fanbase hated Zherdev, I cant understand (minus the antics) why everyones fine with his cap hit vs his production.