Musing’s Day; Everyone has a deal day

July 28, 2011, by

I was going to pen today’s Musings much like Dave did with Dubi last week, as ‘Cally-day’. Then the future Rangers captain went and ruined it all by signing up on Wednesday instead. Anyway, onwards!

My thoughts on the Callahan signing: Obviously he was always coming back and the cap hit is fine. In an ideal world he’s no more than $4m/year but even I won’t argue with $300k difference. Disappointed by the length a little though, although I also understand why it’s not longer. That said, here’s a poser for you: Does Callahan see in his 30th as a Ranger? Will he be too expensive for their liking after 3 years are up? Just a thought….

Get Jealous: Every facet of my Stockholm trip is finally booked. Yours truly will be seeing Henrik in Henrik land and the official debut of the latest greatest Rangers center, Mr B Richards. Good times.

Get Jealous II: A very kind twitter follower/Rangers fan informed me that there is a beer/food festival in Stockholm the same weekend as the Rangers games. Seriously, that weekend couldn’t be more promising!

How you like them apples: I’m making a prediction that the Rangers have three 30 goal scorers next season. Big call as not many teams even get two. I’ll let you think who I’m referring to.

Ex Rangers done good? I’m happy that Vinny ‘the tan’ Prospal landed in a good situation. I liked him as a person and as a player and personally felt he could have still contributed in NY but I also don’t blame the club for moving on. With the right line mates, (Nash and Carter) Vinny could very well hit 55 points next season.

Ex Rangers done not so good? I’m disappointed Nigel Dawes’ career has resorted to a short term deal in the KHL. Hopefully, like many others have, he uses the league (and a good season) as a way back. I always thought he had the tools to be a regular 20 goal scorer in the NHL. He made the Rangers a couple of years too early.

Ryan Callahan, Derek Stepan and Brandon Dubinsky will all be in the 50 point club next year. Given that none of them will be on the top line I think it’s another bold call on my part. They could form to become the best second line in the league. Wow… I’m full of boldness today.

Funny moment: Yesterday a woman came into my bar and told me that I look like Cristiano Ronaldo. I tried not to laugh. My riposte? If he’s fat, un-tanned, and has a team-first ethic I’m your man. Clearly, CLEARLY I look nothing like him. Dave will surely attest! (be nice Dave…)

  • Where do you guys think Brad Richards finishes in league scoring as a first year Ranger?
  • Quick poll: Over/Under on Gaborik’s total games played? I’m going with over 70.
  • Henrik Lundqvist over/under for total wins? I’m going for over 40. For the first time.

Which prospect is likely to be the first call up during the season? I think there are So many genuine candidates it’s impossible to predict and that’s a great thing. The point here: Depth baby, depth.

Not beyond the realms of impossibility: The Rangers AND the Whale making the conference finals.

Rangers I’m most intrigued at seeing in October: Brad Richards (obviously), Tim Erixon (hopefully) and Mats Zuccarello (maybe).

Film time: I recently watched the chick comedy Bridesmaids. Not bad at all but if they remove the fat chick it’s not a funny film. I’m watching Horrible Bosses tonight. Guarantee it’ll be funnier.

Has the Rangers summer arrived – are all their moves made? I think they are done until camp but maybe it depends on who becomes available. Think it also depends what Torts has planned for Dubinsky and Wolski. If he’s happy to begin the year with the two of them as his top left wing pair I think they are definitely done. It might all rest on WoWo.

Prospect Talk; Do you guys think JT Miller (and other NYR prospects) would be better off in college or with Plymouth of the OHL? Personally I like to see prospects play as much as possible if they are physically at an advanced stage already. Miller is apparently in good physical shape for his age so 70+ games in juniors is my preference. Would Miller’s chances at a WJC spot be damaged by heading to the CHL?

And the grandstand finish: Glen Sather is a good general manager.

see you’z all next time.


  1. Zen says:

    Three 30 goal scorers? Wow! Don’t we actually need to have three players that feasibly could score 30 goals before you can predict that they will? LOL. Gabs is a lock, but there might be one more… maybe. Whomever plays LW on that top line has a good shot… Wolski? Stepan?

    BR will be in the top 7 in scoring all year. Wait… isn’t that where he usually is? Umm… yes.

    • Chris says:

      Gaborik, healthy, is a lock.
      Callahan, Wolski (if he stays) Dubinsky and even whoever gets the second line center spot are all capable of netting 30. Richards could too. Not impossible.

    • The Suit says:

      I think Cally might hit 30, but I doubt Dubi will. His shot release is average.

      Stepan isn’t hitting 30 this year, but I could see him putting a lot of assists if he’s given ample power play time.

      Wolski hasn’t come close to 30 goals since Juniors. No chance he’ll all of a sudden become an amazing player at MSG.

  2. mhurley says:

    And the grandstand finish: I think Glen Sather is becoming a good general manager again.


    • Chris says:

      I was a hook.. I wanted to see how people would comment on that. I agree… he’s re-establishing himself.

  3. Dave says:

    “Yesterday a woman came into my bar and told me that I look like Cristiano Ronaldo.”

    Let’s break this down:

    You work in a bar. You serve alcohol to people. She was clearly drunk.

    • Chris says:

      she wasn’t drunk. But clearly insane. She was drinking OJ. Crazy Maltese people!!

  4. RangerSmurf says:

    I’ll take Anisimov’s point total > Stepan’s point total. I’ll also take Stepan under-40. I think Richards impacts his final numbers way more than people are expecting.

    I’d bet he’s at least as productive per 60 minutes, however. I just don’t see him getting the 4th most ES time again, or consistent PP1 time to make up for it.

    • Chris says:

      interesting. Will be worth monitoring right from the start.

    • Dan says:

      Yeah I agree – I definitely think Anisimov will have more points than Stepan. I’d actually like to see more consistency out of Stepan’s game than anything. I like him a lot but I felt he went through a few long stretches where he was inconsistent and he’d get points in bunches (which is obviously reasonable for an 18 year old rookie).

      Not surprised if Anisimov hits 50 something points with Callahan and Dubinsky on his wings all year.

  5. Matt J says:

    You know for a Brit your about as american as it gets. Your going to a beer/food festival? That’s the American way. Only problem though I know you are truly British Chris because when you write words like favour, colour, I don’t even have to look at the author to know you wrote it.

    Also, Brad Richards scored a career high 28 goals last year. If he nets 25 goals i’d be satisfied. Although ANYTHING is possible.

  6. Alex says:

    Horrible Bosses was a funny movie. Its not Hangover or Animal House, but its a funny movie. Charlie Day (the guy from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia) is absolutely great.

  7. wwpd says:

    I’ll be happy if gabby’s health allows him to play more games than henrik this year. I’ve got them each penciled in at 66, with 29 goals and 38 wins respectively

    • Matt J says:

      29 goals for gabby? Then we should trade him instantly as Richards would have only improved his goal total by 7. That’s ridiculous. I have high expectations for Gaborik, as for a guy two years ago playing on a line that had no stability at the center position and netted 42 goals. He could have easily scored 29 goals last year if he didn’t lose his mind. Gabby should get close to 40 if not that. The sky is the limit when you have Brad Richards at center.

      Look at Loui Erikkson’s last 3 years when he had Richards on his line. 63 points, then 71 points, and then last year 73 points. Richards makes people better.

      I hate that this post came off like I was bashing you but 29 goals is not much of an improvement from last year when he had a revolving door of centers. Gaborik is a proven sniper in the league and should freakin play like one with an all-star center.

      • wwpd says:

        Why is that ridiculous? I’ve got him playing less than 66 games. Yes ASSUMING he plays close to a full season and ASSUMING he gets his head together and ASSUMING he clicks with richards and ASSUMING he finds open ice on the PP then sure there’s no reason he can’t set the world on fire and hit 50+

        I’m guessing at least two of those things don’t happen. Hope I’m wrong the guy is due for a good year but there you have it.

      • wwpd says:

        If you have some logic why Gabby will stay healthy this year, I’d be happy to hear it though. I think I’m being fair with 60ish games given the past 6 or 7 seasons.