Rangers Putrid Performance Ends With 6-2 Loss To Islanders

March 31, 2011, by

There are no words to accurately describe the disgrace that was the New York Rangers performance tonight in a 6-2 loss to the “rival” Islanders.  Coming off a mediocre performance in their biggest game of the year last night in Buffalo the team decided it didn’t really have to show up at all with the belief the Isles were going to roll over and hand them two points.  The power play was atrocious in going 0-7, defensive zone coverage was even worse, but the utter lifelessness and lack of effort for the team as a whole was the worst part of it all.  There is no way in the last five games of the year that you should lack effort and energy while battling for a playoff spot.

Hard to believe but the Rangers actually did lead in this game when Vinny Prospal made it 1-0 Rangers 14:25 into the first period.  The goal was created by excellent work from Marian Gaborik down low would get him the puck, he stepped out and fired a shot that was blocked by Jack Hillen, then Gaborik played the puck over to Prospal who fired a quick slap shot from the right faceoff circle that beat Montoya high.

Following the goal the Rangers would have a series of four power plays over the next eight minutes of action including two different 5-on-3 advantages in which the team converted nothing and ended up creating momentum for the Islanders and they would actually feel like converting something tonight.

Blake Comeau and Radek Martinek would score 33 seconds apart to take what was a 1-0 deficit and turn it into a 2-1 Islanders lead.  After killing off the Rangers sixth power play of the game the Islanders would could get two more quick goals during the latter stages of the period with the first from Jesse Joensu on a deflection and then Parenteau would score 76 seconds later to make it 4-1.

Matt Moulson added to the insult mid-way through the third and then the ultimate indignity occurred when Trevor Gillies scored at 14:00 of the third period to make it 6-1.  Prust gets an absolutely meaningless goal with 13.6 seconds left to make it 6-2.

Now they have to pick themselves up and show some of the heart they showed before the last two nights on Sunday or all the work of the first 76 games could unravel rapidly.

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  1. JT says:

    When the Rangers try too hard to score, like they did tonight against the Isles, they usually fall back into old, bad habits. First, rather than put the puck on the net at the first opportunity and storm the crease, they look for the perfect pass and end up over-thinking and over-complicating their offense. Which usually leads to turnovers and odd-man rushes by the opponent. Second, they start to play the puck, not the man. You can feel it happening, Rangers bouncing off opponents like rag-dolls and opposing players having all kinds of room to operate. When Gabby tried to get around an Isle defender, he got a glove squarely in the chest. When an Isle tried to get around a Ranger, he usually succeeded! Third, the Rangers’s desperation leads to hesitation, as it did on the PP. Montoya never had to guess where the puck was coming from because the Rangers telegraphed their slapshots so badly. When you spend almost half a period on the PP and can’t score, something is wrong. And though I greatly appreciate the job Torts has done, he needs to show some fire in these situations. After the Isles scored their second goal, he should have called a timeout and screamed at the team. Instead, he remained passive, apparently hoping team leaders would find some way to right the ship. How’s that working for ya, Torts? If it were me, I’d tell the team that for the next three shifts, don’t worry about offense, worry about finishing every single check as hard as you can without getting a penalty. The team forgot that strong defense and solid checking soften up and frustrate the opponent and lead to scoring chances. They tried to force their offense but lacked fluidity and conviction. Keep this up and they’ll find themselves in a rerun of last year’s finish. But play the way they played against Boston and they’ll have a shot. Unfortunately, they just lost to teams they should have beaten and now have to play division leaders.

    • Section 121 says:

      yeah, the team that showed up in that Boston game was dominant and a team to be feared come playoff time

      the team that showed up last night was going through the motions looking for top draft pick

  2. Section 121 says:

    Putrid, I like the sound of that