Wolski, Eminger Out; Newbury, Del Zotto In Against Kings

February 16, 2011, by

The New York Rangers have decided that Wojtek Wolski’s injured ribs have not healed sufficiently over the past three days for him to play tomorrow against the Kings.  The discussion seems to center around Wolski wanting to go but being unsure of how long he would last and Andrew Gross passes along that coach John Tortorella did not want to start the game with him and end up short a forward early on.  This is similar to how they handled the Dan Girardi rib issue right before the All-Star break and it is a smart move to play it cautious right now and not make into a bigger or longer term injury issue.

With Wolski out of the lineup, the team has recalled Kris Newbury from the Connecticut Whale and he will be in the lineup tomorrow.  There is no word yet on where Newbury will play, but he is capable of playing either center or left wing.

Also per Andrew Gross, Mats Zuccarello will take Wolski’s point position on the power play unit.  After looking shaky there earlier in the year, coach John Tortorella has liked what he has seen from Zuccarello on the point during recent practices.  The fact that the Rangers have Zuccarello and Stepan on the points on the power play only underscores their need for a natural power play quarterback.

On the defensive side, according to Steve Zipay, and to the surprise of no one, Michael Del Zotto will be back in and Steve Eminger will be out.  I say that there is no surprise because Eminger only got 4:08 of playing time against the Penguins, so Del Zotto being moved back into the lineup has as much to do with displeasure towards Eminger as a vote of confidence in Michael, in my opinion.  The reality is none of the final three guys in the defensive rotation are playing well right now and I would not be surprised to see either a trade happen or Matt Gilroy also get sat down in the near future.


  1. ClassClown20 says:

    What’s Gilroy done recently that’s been bad, aside from the occasional mistake every defenseman (Staal included) makes? If anything, he should be on the point instead of MDZ. Frankly, MDZ is better on the half boards where he can better use his vision/passing anyway. Gilroy is not afraid to shoot (compared to the rest of the Rangers at least) and seems to rise to the PP occasion the few chances he has. Then toss in the added benefit of him being a d-man in case the other team breaks out short-handed. Anyone remember how MDZ and Stepan have looked trying to keep the puck in the zone? Not pretty. Just a matter of time till we get burned. I agree with the rest, and generally your posts. Just got to disagree on Gilroy. Torts needs to give him a fair shake.

    • kgb16 says:

      You are right, Clown.

    • Brian says:

      I agree with this, I don’t get the criticism heaped on Gilroy constantly. He won’t get mistaken for Marc Staal defensively but good offensive defensemen don’t grow on trees. I liked the idea of pairing him with McDonagh.

    • Michael says:

      I have actually called for Gilroy to get more PP time and do not understand why he seems to be out of the running for it, but that does not change the fact that his game has slipped at even strength, especially since paired with Del Zotto.

      I will blame a lot of it on the pairing with Del Zotto making him more hesitant to join the rush and do what makes him valuable.

      Problem is the coaching staff does not want to split McDonagh, Sauer up and as long as Del Zotto is here they need to play him.