Rangers Might Open Next Year In Europe

January 15, 2011, by

As per EJ Hradek, the Rangers are one of six teams that will likely open the 2011-2012 season in Europe. The talks are currently on-going, but three other teams in the picture are Anaheim, Washington, and Edmonton. The final two teams have yet to be revealed.

This would be the second time the Rangers open the season overseas, when they opened the 2008 season in Prague against the Tampe Bay Lightning in a home-and-home match-up. If the format remains the same (two games, home-and-home style), then the Rangers would likely get Washington, as there is only one game played against each Western Conference team. It will be interesting to see where they play. Personally, I would love to get the Rangers to play in Sweden. Watching Henrik Lundqvist play in front of his home-country would be awesome to see. Plus, it would essentially be two home games.

Considering the current renovations that make it a pain to use the restroom if you sit in the 400s, opening the season in Europe is probably a good thing.

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