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Thoughts and Musings

October 14, 2010, by

It’s Thursday. And you know what means, BSB community: It’s Thoughts and Musings day. My favorite day of the week. It better be yours, too.

-I’m impressed with the offense so far. 6 goals, 5 goals. Scoring won’t be an issue, that’s for sure. And Gaborik and Frolov haven’t scored yet. A very good sign.

-Defense, on the other hand, isn’t as good. 3 and 6. Work in progress. I think you have to try Gilroy in there, even if he is more of an offensive threat. If not, go to Valentenko or McDonagh. Eminger isn’t cutting it.

-Hank will be fine

-Derek Stepan. What a debut. Can’t expect that very often, but it’s clear he has the potential to be a force in the NHL. The fact that he’s homegrown makes it even better.

-Have I mentioned how happy I am that hockey is back?

-I don’t mind giving Drury a shot on the top line. He’ll go into the corners and do the dirty work for Gabby and Frolov.

-The Cally-AA-Dubi line looks spectacular

-Ditto for the Avery-Stepan-Fedetenko

-You can already see that this team is better than last year. Defense will take some time, but they finally have some offensive firepower

-Video awesomeness interlude: You know the Bed Intruder song? A ukelele version is here. And it.Is. Awesome.

-It’s so weird having this many off days. I don’t like it

-Once Gaborik gets going, look out

-AA looks to be taking the step forward we thought he would

-Where does Prospal go if and when he comes back? Who does he replace? I have no idea.

-When does Biron get his first start?

-With the season just starting, we do have to keep things in perspective. We did start 7-1-1 last year. And that didn’t turn out well. So, you look for signs of things that can be sustained. And  I think the offense can. There are going to be nights where they get shutout, or score only a goal. But that happens to every team. It’s a better offensive team than last year and that’s huge.

-Baseball interlude: Yankees in 6, Phils in 5

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One comment

  1. Dave says:

    The middle two lines are our best lines thus far. Here’s to hoping Drury clicks and we have three legitimate scoring lines.