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Thoughts And Musings

October 7, 2010, by

Hockey. A day away. Rangers. Two days awayI can’t believe it. I’m ready. Let’s get into our last Thoughts and Musings of the offseason.

-I can’t remember the last season I was this excited for. Maybe the one after the lockout. But, I’m so excited. I can barely contain it.

-Even though he’s hurt, I will be rocking my Drury jersey all day long.

-Speaking of Drury, when he comes back, who goes? I think it depends on how well (or how awful) Christensen is. If he sucks, he’s out. If not, then I don’t know. I would say Boogey, but then who’s the enforcer? Stepan could be a candidate, but if he plays well…well, you get the point. Decisions, decisions.

-Here’s how I would construct opening night lines (and I think my predictions are going to be pretty similar to what actually happens)





-Goal predictions for each guy:

Frolov: 25

Christensen: 13

Gaborik: 40


AA: 20

Cally: 18

Avery: 15

Stepan: 15

Fedotenko: 20

Boogaard: 0

Boyle: 8

Prust: 7

I would be very happy with that.

-D pairs:




Eminger is the 7th guy.

-I wouldn’t be opposed to Sheldon Souray. I mean, he’s got a rocket of a shot. And he’s physical. I as a 3rd pair defenseman, for $2.5 million, I’d be okay.

-Annoyance interlude: My iPod headphones continue to get tangled. And it takes forever to get them undone. And it annoys the hell out of me. Cause I need my headphones to do any sort of work. Otherwise I get off task. I think with my birthday coming up in March, I’ll get one of those Bose headphones or something. Actually, one of you could get it for me.

-Here are some off the cuff predictions

-MZA will be the first callup

-I think Hank could have a Vezina type year. He always has a Vezina type year. But this year he could win it.

-Staal will get Norris votes

-Stepan will contend for the Calder

-Avery will continue to be the league’s most hated player

-The Rangers will finish 5th in the Eastern Conference

-They will make the 2nd round of the playoffs

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  1. Brian says:

    The Boogeyman will score a goal this year – bank on it.

  2. Walt says:

    As for Souray, he is a cancer, and we don’t need that in our locker room. I don’t care how good a shot he is, he still is a minus player, and a major disruption. Save the money for the kids that are due raises next year, and let the trash man take Souray to the dump!!!!!

  3. Gleb says:

    Yes Brian I think he will. Hope the pre-season’s goal wasn’t it though.

    • Brian says:

      The preseason goal was merely a sign of greater things to come – I was expecting to see a guy who moved like his skates were laced together, but he actually looked like he may be able to contribute on a regular basis in a physical shift disturbing type role. I hope.

  4. Dave says:

    Interesting that you have 15 goals from the fourth line. Not sure if Boyle can get to 8, but I definitely see Prust at 7.

    • Brian says:

      A lot will depend on how much ice time Torts gives them. It’s difficult to expect much of any player when he’s getting 5 minutes a game. When the Shelley-AA-Prust line saw more ice time down the stretch last year they not only produced but they helped decide the outcome of games in our favor.

      I’ve always been a proponent of coaches using the 4th line enough that they can carve out a role for themselves ie Renney’s use of Betts, Orr, Jason Ward, Sjostrom etc. The season is too long to not give your 4th line ample time to show what they can contribute. It places any team that properly uses their 4th line at a distinct advantage at crunch time.

  5. unreal says:

    Fedotenko, did u mean 2 goals. Dude lay off the kool aid