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Alex Frolov Anyone?

July 26, 2010, by

Update by Dave: Arthur Staple has tweeted that the Rangers have offered Frolov a two year deal. The deal is for a less AAV than the four-year offer from the KHL.

Let me start by admitting im unashamedly a Frolov fan. Always liked him in LA and always liked the idea of him in New York. However, im also willing to admit the guy has issues and people question his mental ‘make-up’ a lot.  Specifically there are his consistency issues; Alex Frolov is consistently inconsistent. For proof check out his last five season’s goal totals: 19 (09-10), 32, 23, 35, 21. It’s a very up and down resume. So what should fans expect out of Frolov this year, 30 plus goals again? Who knows? Alexander Frolov to the Rangers throws up a few questions…

Firstly the obvious; can the Rangers afford him? Well that’s easy to answer – with a move here or there, yes they can. How much does he want? That we won’t find out until he signs somewhere. The rumours seem to sway between a return to LA, to New York or the KHL. SKA and KHL president Medvedev has gone on record stating he is a target for his club although Frolov appears to be cooling on that option.

Does he fit in New York next season? For all his ‘issues’ yes he does. He’s proved he can score at a higher level than New York’s other Russian head case Nik Zherdev and would be a good fit on a line with Gaborik or alternatively on a secondary line with Anisimov. Frolov on the Rangers next year makes the club, in the short term, much better. Everyone acknowledges the Rangers need more scoring – secondary scoring – and if Frolov ‘only’ has another one of his sub par year’s, 19 goals and 50 points helps this team a lot. He immediately becomes the 3rd best scorer on this team and helps the Power Play. In four of the last five years Frolov had double figure PP goal totals and lord does this PP need some more help. With Frolov this team is well in the mix for the 6-8 playoff spots. Whether that’s a good thing long term is a debate for another day. Adding Frolov does not make this team a contender. Not without a lot of variables anyway.

So where is my issue on Frolov? It really depends on what he wants. I’m not so concerned with dollar (although it’s obviously important) as I am with the term. The Rangers have a hell of a talent in Chris Kreider coming through the system (apparently NHL ready according to Sather), Tortorella appears to be sticking with Brandon Dubinsky on the wing and we don’t want the talented prospects’ route to New York to be blocked. I wouldnt say no to Frolov based on our current crop of wings. The Rangers don’t have enough top 6 talent comapred to bottom 6. Anyone can see that.

If Frolov would be willing to sign for no more than 2 years and $8m I’d jump all over him. If he’s a success then you re-sign him to complement Kreider and the kids as Prospal will be long gone by then. It’s when his demands of longer contracts get out of hand I would walk away. 2 years is relatively low risk and certainly a moveable contract given his career to date. I like the fact the Rangers are being linked to him as Laurie Carr points out. Sather should be doing due diligence on this exceptionally talented young man and I’d have no problem taking him for the right price.


  1. Dave says:

    The Rangers are thin at LW at the present (deep in the future though), so he would be a nice addition at no more than $4 million – $4.5 million for a year or two.

  2. jurgenno88 says:

    he could also be a long term part if he’s a success. I dont like the rumour/tweet that we’ve talked to Ponikarovsky though. Big soft and a perennial underachiever. Wasnt Antropov enough of exhibit A in this type of player? PLus Poni will want $$$

    • Dave says:

      Poni is going to be another Antropov for the Rangers.

      If it’s a choice between Poni or Frolov (at the same price), Frolov is the obvious choice.

      • Dave says:

        I’m going to correct myself here. They are pretty much even in stats and metrics.

        • jurgenno88 says:

          not at all. Frolov has 2 30 goal seasons, Poni none. Frolov has 2 seasons of 65+ points, Poni has none. Poni has never scored more than 6 PP goals in 1 year, Frolov has double figures (inc 18 in 1 year) in 4 seasons.
          Frolov has scored 57 goals more in just 43 games more. Its a no contest.

          Poni also has just 2 goals in 34 playoff games. Although Frolov has only played 6 games (4 points).

          • Dave says:

            GVT is almost identical, so Poni is better defensively. Points/60 also gives Poni the edge.

            • jurgenno88 says:

              but given the opportunity i’d rather go with the better goal scorer and in this case Frolov is clearly the better option and although GVT + points/60 stats may balance out numbers over a season, Poni is the much streakier player. He’ll score in bunches then disappear for a month at a time. Im not saying Frolov is exactly mr reliable but i’d rather take my chances there.

      • jurgenno88 says:

        if Frolov is too expensive and Poni is available at 3m-ish then i walk away from both. I’d only take Poni on a short term for very little $$$ and that isnt happening since he wanted big $$ for an extension in Toronto 2 years ago. No thanks…

  3. jurgenno88 says:

    oh and i just re-tweeted Mason Raymonds award from Vancouver. He got (for a 20+ goal 50pt season) 2.5 and 2.6 for 2 years.

    Frolov (i know, he’s UFA) cant realistically expect too much more than that amount in what is a buyers market.

    • Dave says:

      RFA and UFA comps are not comparable. So unfortunately, the Raymond award means nothing here.

      • jurgenno88 says:

        i appreciate that it cant be used in negotiations but i imagine GM’s still point to certain players contracts regardless. I appreciate the UFA always gets more though.

        • Dave says:

          The leverage situations are completely different. The player has no leverage as an RFA, and all the leverage in the world as a UFA. That’s what drives the price up.

          RFAs can only negotiate with one team, UFAs can use the other 29 teams to drive the price up. Marketing 101.

          • jurgenno88 says:

            totally appreciate that and agree. its obvious. all im saying is, a GM will use anything, any player, to drive down the price.

            • jerry says:

              the big question is when the hell are we goin to address the real issue.a top line center.

              • jerry says:

                unless they sign frolov and use dubinsky as trade bait.

              • Dave says:

                Funny that everyone jumps to trading Dubinsky, when all signs point to Callahan being the one that has peaked.

              • Dave says:

                I don’t think they are addressing that this year. Dubinsky has the potential to be that guy, but he needs to be consistent.

              • Bettman's Nightmare says:

                I do think that Dubinsky’s currently at his peak, and of course health became the issue instead. If he can put together a full season, and Tortorella gives him 1st/2nd line time all year, I think we see 55-65 points (but not 70) and the usual doggedness.

              • Section 121 says:

                Sounds like you’re desribing Gomez for 1/5 the price with 5 yrs of his prime still to come (with exception to the doggedness).

              • Dave says:

                And Gomez is a pretty fine 1st line center.

  4. Bettman's Nightmare says:

    I’m not sold on Frolov being any more or less the Russian conundrum that Zherdev was, honestly. That being said, the potential is there, which means he could either a.) surprise and help the Rangers succeed, b.) surprise and be a trade chip should the Rangers have a down year, or c.) disappoint but still carry enough intrigue to be a trade chip at the deadline. I would definitely prefer the 1-2 year contract, as Dave suggested.

    • Section 121 says:

      Here’s something interesting;

      Boogie career averages;
      4.99 minutes per game
      51 games per season
      Current salary equates to $31,863/game, $6,373/min

      Cally career averages;
      16.26 minutes per game
      70 games per season
      Current salary equates to $32,857/game, $2,021/min

      Dubi career averages;
      16.31 minutes per game
      77 games per season
      Current salary equates to $24,026/game, $1,473/min

      • Dave says:

        Boogie was thrown in just to piss us off more?

        Dubi is a workhorse, I don’t think many people noticed that.

        • Section 121 says:

          Well, I originally was looking at this from a Boogie perspective although now it looks like another defense of Dubi and support of the first line center perspective

          • Dave says:

            I think if you put together a line of Frolov-Dubi (our best FO guy last year not named Drury) and Gaborik, it’s a lethal line.

            • Section 121 says:

              Agreed; 2nd line?

              All of a sudden we look much deeper with Frolov in the line-up at 1st LW

  5. Dave says:


    Did I miss anyone?

    • Dave says:

      Forgot to reply, my bad Section 121.

      I forgot AA though

      Insert AA to EC, and move everyone down, and scratch Boyle.

      • Section 121 says:

        Maybe Prust instead of Weise or Byers

        • Dave says:

          Ah right, scratch Byers, insert Prust.

          • Section 121 says:

            yeah, I think Byers will remain with the pack considering he was named captain

        • Mark says:

          very true… I would like Frolov for the mear reason it rounds out our team… and gives us a pretty solid Power Play unit…

          Avery-Drury-Boogie(only when he is needed) otherwise Weis..

  6. jerry says:

    i never miss a game all season and there are nights that kid just dissapears in a game. hes easily replacable as far as im concerned.