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Pavol Demitra Wants to be a Ranger?

July 13, 2010, by

As per of, free agent center Pavol Demitra has two offers from the KHL, but is holding off on signing due to his desire to play for the Rangers, and reunite with close friend Marian Gaborik. Demitra would offer the Rangers a true top line center that, , can put up a little less than a point per game. The problem, of course, is that bit. Demitra, 36, has only played two full seasons in his entire career.

If the Rangers take a chance on Demitra, then there would be many questions to follow. First off, if they sign Demitra, do they learn from their Donald Brashear lesson and only sign him to a one year deal? If so, how much? Where is the cap room going to be created? Which youngster gets booted from the top line? Which player gets demoted to Hartford or sits in the press box?

These are all legitimate questions that need to be answered before the Rangers even look at someone like Demitra. Personally, I would prefer the Rangers stay the course, and allow the youngsters to earn their spot on the roster, as jurgenno . Glen Sather has had a pretty decent offseason, except for giving Derek Boogaard two too many years. Signing Demitra to a one year deal may not be a detriment to the team or the cap, but it would certainly be a step away from what Slats has publicly said the plan is. Of course, it’s tough to really recognize a rumor when the source spells the player’s name incorrectly.


  1. jerry says:

    i dissagree we pretty much are the same team as last for the boogyman when he comes in and knocks a few people out as soon as they go near hendrick or gaborik well forget about his contract and love him.get used to higher contracts its called inflation soon goons will be making 2 mill a year.

    • Dave says:

      I understand what you’re saying, but I think you posted this in the wrong thread?

      • jerry says:

        im answering how he said sather had a good offseason.

        • jerry says:

          and he said sather gave boogy 2 years too many

          • Dave says:

            I wrote this one 🙂

            He didn’t give an egregious contract to a UFA, and Boogy should have only received two years, not four. That’s my only gripe about the offseason.

  2. jerry says:

    and as for pavel just let him go id rather go through the pains and let the kids step in and be an average team then to sign older players and be an average team.just give them the spots and the ice time at least well be excited to watch them why not put these guys on the first and second lines and let them go at it whats the worst that could happen they get experiance and we lose and get a good pick were not goin anywhere this year anyway.

  3. Section 121 says:

    Play Dubinsky as top line center and he will get 65 pts this yr

    Give him the “A” and the confidence

    After Drury’s contract is up, give him the “C”

    If you play him on wing or toss him around all season from line to line to bench to line, you lose

    He centered Jagr as a rookie playing for Renney

    Renney playoff appearances = 4
    Torts playoff appearances = 0

    Yes, the year Renney got fired counts for him

    Warning: Don’t mess with Dubinsky’s head

    • Dave says:

      He’s young, let him earn and grow into a leadership role.

      • Section 121 says:

        The past two yrs we’ve had twenty nothing year olds captaining their teams to the cup.

        Tell Dubinsky this is his team, his time, he’s ready.

        • Dave says:

          The counter argument here is that he sometimes takes games off, and has been benched a few times. Shouldn’t a captain/alternate be consistent with his effort?

          • Section 121 says:

            I’m not sure his effort was the issue?
            My take was that the coaching staff started doubting him and inturn he began to doubt himself.

            • Dave says:

              I think it’s been a confusion of both, and unfortunately as fans we won’t know because they don’t make it public.

              • Section 121 says:

                I know he coughed up the puck once or twice carrying it through the neutral zone. I remember one specifically led to a goal (which Rozy let the guy walk right in) and then Duby was like enemy number for Torts.

                He’ll never learn to correct his mistakes if you don’t let him back out there to prove himself.

              • Section 121 says:

                number 1… nice

              • Dave says:

                I remember that. That was just a terrible game for him.

                I’ve had this convo with a few people. You can’t quantify it, but doesn’t it just seem like something is missing from Dubi’s game?

  4. jurgenno88 says:

    I’d take Demitra on a 1 year deal. It assures some of the prospects arent rushed and he’s got great chemistry with gabby and it makes us deeper offensively.

  5. Dave says:

    I wouldn’t take Demitra, I would rather have either Dubinsky or Anisimov play into the top line center role.

    • jurgenno88 says:

      Well i think Torts will persevere with Dubinsky at LW and Demitra can be like Prospal and be a solid addition. Anisimov would be best served on the 2nd line this year.

      • Dave says:

        Dubi is the only center not named Drury that wins faceoffs at a 50% clip. Leave him at center.

        • jerry says:

          i agree with daveon dubi and demitra. and you know what other teams pop the rookies in and it works so why dont we try you can always send them down.

          • jurgenno88 says:

            i’d prefer Dubi @ center but i think torts will play him at LW

            • Dave says:

              Which makes no sense, Dubi wins faceoffs at a 50% clip.

              • jurgenno88 says:

                i think torts reasoning was Dubi didnt see the ice well at center and could play a better north south game from wing. Will be interesting to see if it continues…

  6. Brian says:

    Anything more than a one year, one mil contract and we have to pass. Couldn’t we expect similar production from EC or Dubi anyway?
    Sather will probably hold off on any significant moves until Staal’s status is determined or he is able to move another contract.

    • Dave says:

      EC+Dubi = Demitra (when healthy). It’s that whole when healthy thing that gets to you.

  7. Section 121 says:

    We’re going to need serious cap space to sign Dubinsky next yr.

    Sure Cally might hustle, hit, and score 20 but that’s his ceiling. Duby has much more offensive upside and will show it this year if put in a position of responsibility on this team, i.e. 1st center.

    Cally will have a similar season 20, 20 and command 2.5M

    Duby will have break out yr 25, 40 and command 3.5M

    • Dave says:

      I agree, but he has to have the break out year in order to earn the money. You can’t pay for potential.

      • Section 121 says:

        I’m not saying he earns it now, I’m just anticipating having to pay him more than Sather expects if we want to keep him after this year.

        When Duby was happy to settle for 1.85M a yr, we should have signed him for a longer deal. Then we’d have him in his prime a great price. Remember Duby wanted more yrs when Sather was insulting him with 1 yr at 900K offers.

        I just think Duby is more important to this team then some people would believe.

  8. Spozo says:

    I don’t know if Dubi is best served playing centering the number 1 line. He was too inconsistent and he was given the chance to start the season centering Gaborik last year and did nothing to impress. Now I really like Dubinsky but he has played 3 seasons with the Rangers and has accumilated 40, 41, and 44 points. Granted he only played 69 games this past season but if he wants to secure that number 1 center position he has got to get better. Also you know he didn’t start the season off in the best light with Tortz when he held out part of camp because he wanted a raise. Now I would love for him to prove me wrong but he has not showed me anything last year when given the opportunity.

  9. Mikeyyyy says:

    That’s the beauty about camp. We have no idea whY will shake out. Will dubi play better? Is AA ready for primetime? Did Wade get the memo? Will cally be more? Can gilroy get past the wall this year? Can Stefan, weise, grachev crack the lineup? Will Avery be a superpest or super washout?

    So many questions. 🙂

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