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How McDonagh May Spell the End of Wade Redden

July 7, 2010, by

In case you missed it, Ryan McDonagh signed with the Rangers. This leaves the Rangers with five signed defensemen: Michael Del Zotto, Michal Rozsival, Matt Gilroy, Ryan McDonagh, and of course, Wade Redden. Currently, Marc Staal and Dan Girardi are RFA’s, with the latter filing for arbitration the other day. It is highly unlikely that the Rangers will go ahead and let one of them go, even if Girardi is awarded the $3 million he is rumored to be looking for, as arbitration deals are one-year deals.

Now, should the Rangers sign both Staal and Girardi, that leaves the Rangers with seven defensemen. The no-doubters for the roster are Del Zotto, Rozsival, Staal, and Girardi. That leaves two spots for Gilroy, McDonagh, and Redden. Gilroy will probably make the team again, assuming he doesn’t forget how to play hockey in camp. Remember, Gilroy hit the 40 game wall last year, which is normal for college kids coming to the professional ranks. Gilroy also had the compacted NHL schedule affect his stamina, as he played 40 NHL games in under 3 months. With a year, and the experience of one 82 game season, under his belt, he should come back this season and play more consistently.

That leaves one spot left for either McDonagh or Redden. If McDonagh makes the team out of camp, which many expect him to do, then all of a sudden, Redden becomes the odd man out. With rumblings in Newsday that Redden will be waived, remember that Newsday is a Dolan owned entity, this will help fuel the Redden-will-be-waived fire. The Rangers will have no need for a $6.5 million defenseman sitting in the press box and eating up precious salary cap space. In this scenario, Redden would likely be waived to clear up space, and the Rangers would acquire a cheap, veteran seventh defenseman of the Anders Eriksson ilk.

The Rangers organization has been fairly quiet on the Redden front, but if the rumors are true that they are indeed looking for a veteran seventh defenseman, then it makes you wonder where exactly Redden fits into the equation. They won’t pay him that salary to sit in the press box and eat up cap room, but we know coach John Tortorella won’t play him if he’s not one of the top six, especially when that top-six includes four integral parts of the Rangers future on the blue line. Call me insane all you want, but I am slowly beginning to believe that the Wade Redden era in New York is very quickly coming to an end. Last time I let my guard down with this team, they crushed me on the final game of the year. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again. I believe.


  1. jurgenno88 says:

    I think, correct me if im wrong, there are circumstances where an arbitrator can award a 2 year deal?

    I have to say i disagree with Jess @ PP’s doom and gloom reference the D – from his post the other day. I think if the top 6 is Staal, Girardi; MDZ, McDonagh; Rozival, Gilroy then yes it will make mistakes but its a good blueline. I’d certainly call it a playoff blueline.

    I also wonder how he thinks they’ll struggle to fill out the blueline. I do appreciate how he thinks Staal negotiations will be tricky though.

    Call me naive but i think McDonagh is a real upgrade straight away.

  2. Dave says:

    I don’t believe that arbitrators award two year deals.

    It is not a playoff blue line, but it is a blue line that will be solid in a few years as they gain experience. The Staal negotiations are tricky because he should be a lifer on the Rangers, but you can ruin a relationship with a bad round of negotiating.

    • jurgenno88 says:

      Why isn’t it though? It was 1 point off being a playoff blue line lst year. Staal will be more authoratitive as a leader, MDZ and Gilroy (if he makes it) will be more experienced and McDonagh (again, if he makes it) will add elements missing from this year’s line up.

      I thoroughly appreciate and expect mistakes from the unit, thats what learning on the job is, but i do have high hopes both long term and short term.

      I expect our blueline to be better than both Montreal and Buffalo’s – 2 playoff teams – and i dont see ours any worse than Ottawa’s even with the addition of Gonchar. My main concern would be the strides Tampa seem to be making.

      • Dave says:

        If the offensive output is the same, that’s fine. But the learning curve of McDonagh, Gilroy, and MDZ will set it back a little bit.

        Of course, Gilroy and MDZ could have stellar years, but that still leaves McDonagh hitting the proverbial 40 game wall.

        • jurgenno88 says:

          …and if McD does hit the wall then hopefully there would be a 7th defenceman to spell him on occasion.

          I also think McD is less likely to suffer as much as Gilroy did because he’s been physically ready for 12 months it seems. He has an NHL body/physique and the schedule will be less stressing too. He may hit a wall it just shouldnt be as dramatic.

          I’m optimistic.

  3. Dave says:

    I don’t think the wall will be as dramatic as Gilroy because this isn’t an Olympics year. Games are more spread out.

    I’m very optimistic, but controlled optimistic lol.

  4. Section 121 says:

    I’d like to expand a bit on Stall and Girardi – is there a way to start/make a larger entry that’s not a comment? Thanks

    • Dave says:

      You can email me and we can run it as a guest post if you like.

      • jerry says:

        i didnt want kovolchuk but now if we can dump redden and clear the space maybe we get him and that would take the pressure off our defence a little by having gabbi and him backing up opponents and puttong the pressure on thier defence.

  5. Section 121 says:

    Ok Dave, I sent you an e-mail with a D-man comparison of the current market – See what you can do with it – I think there’s some good stuff there. Thanks!

    • Dave says:

      Awesome. Thanks. I’ll check it out when I get home from work tonight, and put it up for tomorrow morning.