Seidenberg Re-Signs in Boston – Affects Rangers Plans?

June 6, 2010, by

Another potential blueliner is off the market. Boston Bruin defenceman Dennis Seidenberg this weekend re-signed with the Bruins on a 4 year deal worth $13m.
This is worth noting for a few different reasons for The Rangers. Not only does it take a potential target off the market (and weaken the already average free agent market) but it also somewhat sets the price of other blueliners becoming free agents.

German born Seidenberg had a good season and set several career highs but he has been somewhat of a journeyman throughout his NHL career. When a well travelled pro can get a $3.25m/year long term contract it has to make you wonder what the likes of Volenchkov, Michalek and Paul Martin will get. With the supply starting to dwindle and demand remaining high, guys like the aforementioned trio and even lesser players will be in stronger positions to make a pretty buck or two more than they may have anticipated.

What will The Rangers being well to pay for help? The going rate may have just been set.

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  1. Dave says:

    I get the feeling that because the free agent market is so slim, there is going to be some good amount of overpaying for these players.