Thoughts On Jokinen

Now that the Jokinen trade is official, I thought I would provide my thoughts on the trade. And it’s pretty simple: Win for Glen Sather. Glen Sather may suck in free agency, but the man knows what he’s doing in trades. Jokinen for Higgins and Kotalik would be simply unheard of a couple months ago.

I’ve maintained that Jokinen is essentially being swapped for Higgins. Kotalik doesn’t play. Jokinen is a HUGE upgrade over Higgins. I like Higgins. He’s a hard worker. Good penalty killer. Can’t hit the side of a barn, though. Jokinen is a scorer. He scored 29 goals last year. Calgary wasn’t working for him. He and Iginla didn’t mesh, and he only has 11 goals. I expect that to dramatically change.  Jokinen is more of a fit with Gaborik. I think Jokinen can put up some points.

Put it this way: The Rangers made a push towards the playoffs, without sacrificing their youth. Kotalik was a bust. Higgins was a bust. They gave up nothing for one of the better players in the league. To me, that’s a winning deal.

9 Responses to “Thoughts On Jokinen”

  1. This trade was obviously done to make a playoff push and clear cap space, but even if they don’t get to the postseason, it’s a steal cause they rid themselves of Kotalik’s contract.

  2. So I just did some research on Puck Prospectus on GVT, Goals Versus Threshold, because I figured why not learn about some advanced stats in hockey since I am a little overobsessed with them in baseball and…

    Jokinen ranks in at a 5.6 GVT which is exactly the same as Prospal.

    As we know, he essentially replaces Higgins, who comes in at a not surprising -0.1.

    So the team upgrades significantly in what is being termed a down year for Jokinen, yet a resurgent year for Prospal.

  3. Prust comes in at a Higginsian -0.1 GVT, ahead of both Voros (-1.1 GVT) and Brashear (-2.2 GVT).

    Kotalik was a solid 0.2 GVT.

  4. I think the general consensus is that this is a great trade. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a biased opinion because they hate Sather because of previous deals.

    • I’ve heard some say that Jokinen’s character was a problem, making that the crux of their argument against the trade (; it’s good, don’t sweat it). Kotalik was becoming a problem, too, so that doesn’t really hold water. Regardless of character concerns, his production will easily match the combined output of Kotalik and Higgins.

  5. I’m looking at this in a bigger picture perspective, beyond this year. Having the cap space is well worth it.

  6. Shock this deal went on! To make the deal fair the rangers should of thrown in a low draft pick or a low grade prospect, nice work rangers