Quote of the Night

December 31, 2009, by

This quote comes courtesy of my friend, who I was at the game with:

“We should get a refund for this game. If the Rangers don’t show up, there’s no reason why we should pay.”

Yup, that sums up last night.

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  1. stuart says:

    agree totally. dubinsky was especially horrible last night.

    how can this team have no offense at all. look at avery and higgins #’s they are worse then pathetic.. philly blocked 30 shots we blocked 3……………….

  2. visitor says:

    hey guys, im just popping in for a question im hoping you all can answer.

    i will be in new york visiting some friends in Jan. and want to see the Pens and Hurricane games at MSG (never been!). are ticket scalpers outside the MSG so i can get a ticket? i typically prefer scalping to most events. let me know, thanks!