Tortorella’s Tirade

December 17, 2009, by

Luckily, I’m in Delaware (who thought I’d ever say that?) and didn’t have to subject myself to that abysmal performance by the Rangers last night. I saw enough on ESPN this morning, and read enough on Rick Carpiniello’s interview with Tortorella, to know that the Rangers flat out sucked.

“I’ll tell you right now, the thing that’s unacceptable about tonight’s game — and we’re trying to stay positive around here, trying to work out way through it — but when we play like (poop) like that for 20 minutes, in a game like this, in a back-to-back situation, it’s unacceptable . .. it is simply unacceptable. And there has to be something done. We’ll see, along the way here, before tomorrow night’s game, where we go with it. It’s simply unacceptable how we start that game. I wish I could give you a (firetruckin’) explanation for it. I can’t.”

Those are big words from the coach, but will he back it up? Which heads are going to roll before tonight’s game on the Island in the World’s Most Horrible Arena? I didn’t watch the game, so I don’t know which player’s are most accountable for that performance last night. I would guess Bobby Sanguinetti will get a chance to play tonight. It will probably be at the expense of Ilkka Heikinen, but one can only hope it’s Michal Rozsival who gets the boot to the press box.


  1. jurgenno88 says:

    I will be amazed if anyone deserving of a benching actually gets benched.

    Having watched last nights game i actually thought Heikkenen played pretty well in limited minutes.

    He put a few dangerous shots on net early on and was always looking to be positive. Yes Heikkenen makes mistakes but so does Roszy and redden yet dont play with the same positivity.

    Some of the sloppy passing was shocking last night, even starting out from behind their own net they almost passed it straight to Isles players.

    I think Torts’ job is udner threat if this carries on, but then thats an obvious thing to say.

    I wrote a piece on the Rangers and the changes necessary (at the top) at, go check it out.

    Fingers crossed we get a win tonight. Lord do we need it.

  2. becky says:

    Torts played the same players all f’n night last night, mostly the ones who didn’t deserve it. I doubt there will be any changes made that SHOULD be made. That game made me furious – I don’t want to subject myself to that garbage again.

    BTW.. firetruckin’? Is that the m-f word or are you just gettin’ crafty there?

  3. Jordan says:

    Redden and Kotalik scratched.

    • NYRJurgen88 says:

      Kotalik deserves it but there has been worse than Redden despite his salary. Roszy and/or (maybe contraversially) Girardi on D deserve to be dropped. How the hell Drury keeps his place is beyond me.

      I agree with what Carp on lo-hud posted, that why not bench more than 2?! make a statement.

      The Guys @ BSB, thanks for posting about my article. Much appreciated.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Will post Redden Koralik article when I am near a computer in about 45 mins( on my phone now)