What To Do With Higgins?

October 25, 2009, by

It’s abundantly clear now: Chris Higgins is struggling. Mightily. He was benched in the third period in his return to Montreal after weak forechecking, and a costly penalty. Torts benched him to send a message. He benched him for accountability. That makes Monday’s game against the Coyotes the most important of the year for Higgins.

I’m not expecting Higgins to break out against the ‘Yotes and score 3 goals. I don’t think Torts is. But, he needs to produce. He needs to get on the scoresheet. If not, a stint in the press box is needed. Try Evegeny Grachev on for size.

I think we all thought Higgins was going to score 20-25 goals. That seemed like a reasonable amount. But now, after 11 games, he’s scoreless. Only 2 assists. It’s time for Higgins to start producing. It’s time. Torts knows it. Hell, Higgins knows it. What do you think is the best course of action with Higgins?


  1. Dave says:

    And in a contract year too, such a shame.

    I would give Parenteau a shot, he’s averaging a point per game in Hartford right now. Let Grachev work out the kinks.

  2. jurgenno88 says:


    i agree, for now, give Grachev more time in the A. Let him play 20-30 games there before even considering him up here. They arent playing well so he needs to help turn their corner. Really contribute.

    Parenteau? i think he has earnt a shot and (depending on waiver issues) i’d have him up here but i wouldnt give up on Higgins yet. i see it as nothing more than a bad, unfortunate start.

    Iwouldnt go too far and say what a shame yet. if he’s not contributing after 20-25 games the words what a shame might be relevant.

    Hell… best case scenario, he has a very good 2nd half and because of this ‘start’ his new deal costs us less! 🙂

  3. jurgenno88 says:

    on another matter…. Girardi is -6(!) over the past 3 games and has amde somne major gaffes.

    I like him but think bring Sanguinetti up for a game or two and rotate the guy (girardi first) who sits. Clear some heads… and show Sanguinetti at the same time that his good play so far is being rewarded.

    What do you think?

    • Dave says:

      Girardi had a decent game against Montreal, it was definitely a step in the right direction from his horror stories of the previous games.

  4. jurgenno88 says:

    well if there’s no risk in playing potential yo-yo with Parenteau then i too would bring him up. The same goes for the forwards as it does for the D – have that extra competition around as with all due respect i dont think anyone fears losing a top 6 spot to Voros!

    • Dave says:

      Well, the defense is a more complicated issue because you don’t want to have Sangs toiling around in the press box when he is having meaningful minutes in Hartford. Their best bet would have been with Cory Murphy. I don’t know why he wasn’t picked up off waivers.

      • NYRJurgenno88 says:

        But bringing sanguinetti in wouldn’t be for the press box. If i called him up it’d be to play. Once the others were up to scratch i’d evaluate whether he’d be kept in the line up or send him back down

  5. JohnOC says:

    Why not relax with Higgins and just let him play? Why is nobody talking about the lack of production from the captain? He’s done nothing

    • Dave says:

      People are talking about it. Drury has a goal this season, thus Higgins gets most of the attention.