You Know Who I’m Sick Of?

August 23, 2009, by

Dany Heatley. Just when I thought all the drama was over, he goes and “speaks out” abouthis trade demands, bringing himself right back to the center of attention. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that his “diminished role” is the reason for his trade demand. He wants to be the center of attention, and this “interview” is just proof that all he cares about is himself.

His statement about the Edmonton deal shows his ignorance to the business of the game as well. When you demand a trade publicly like that, your team loses a lot of negotiating power, thus the deal your GM will want probably won’t be offered. Edmonton was the only team left, once the Rangers signed Marian Gaborik, with a legitimate offer on the table. That’s how the business is run Dany boy. You were never going to be presented with 29 options. I don’t see why you turned down Edmonton either. There aren’t any real superstars on the team, you would definitely be the center of attention. Isn’t that what you want Dany boy?

This just shows the selfishness of some of today’s athletes. Don’t you wish the game was filled with people like the 1990’s Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, and Tom Glavine, three Hall of Fame pitchers who took salaries that were rumored to be $3 million less per year to stay with Atlanta? Or even, dare I say it, Cindy Crosby, who took $2 million less per year to stay in Pittsburgh? What about Brendan Shanahan, who took an incentive-laden contract to stay in New York?

What about the good old days when issues were settled behind closed doors? Players, and their agents, know that with today’s internet-based media and instant news that they can use the media to really push the public opinion. Usually it works too. I mean, you can drop a team name and an offer to a media outlet, and all of a sudden 10 other teams are coming up with better offers. It happens in baseball all the time, that’s why Scott Boras is the best agent in the land. The risk you run is if it doesn’t get settled quickly, you run the risk of people’s eyes bleeding every time they see another story about you. Don’t think it’s possible? Ask a baseball fan about steroids, and his eyes will bleed. He may even go into a seizure. It’s just that played out. Eventually, stories get to the point where no one cares.

Well done, Dany boy, no one cares about you anymore. You played this perfectly.

So my past two posts have been 350 words ranting about rumored trades, and 425 words ranting about Dany Heatley. Is it September yet?

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  1. jdnyr says:

    Dont be too harsh on the guy, he is a world class talent. Selfish maybe but if you like Messier its hard to knock this guy. When mess was competing for contract here he was comparing himself to nba players. Plus apparently the trade demand was leaked by the sens front office. By the way that old days stuff is all bs, it was the owners screwing the players. The union gained stregnth and turned the table on them

    • Dave says:

      The NHLPA has very little strength.

      You can’t compare the Mess situation to the Heatley situation. Heatley signed a contract two years ago, and is not currently asking for one. Mess was asking for a fair offer and was low-balled.

      Heatley has a contract and is trying to weasel his way out of it.

  2. jurgenno88 says:


    You cant say dont be harsh on this guy because he’s world class. Talent has nothing to do with this story.

    And Messier was very much the centre of attention but he also carried a team on his back. He craved the centre of attention and thrived upon it. Dany Heatley has yet to prove he can do the same – yet he HAS been a focal point in both clubs he was on.

    Messier was (is still?) indeed very egoistical but they cant be comapred whatsoever because Mess also held others accountable something you’re very unlikely to find Dany Heatley doing.

    For what its worth before we had Gaborik, for the right price i’d have liked Heatley in NY but with a guy like Gabby who has leadership skills to go with his on ice efforts we’re much better off.