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Rangers add Prospal

Via Larry Brooks, the Rangers have signed winger Vinny Prospal to a one year deal worth $1.1M. Prospal played under John Tortorella for a few seasons in Tampa, but managed to miss out on the club’s 2004 Stanley Cup Championship while playing in Anaheim. It’s worth noting that Vinny’s best seasons have come under Torts, so maybe there’s hope for him in this system.

Me? I don’t love the move, but it’s not terrible. Prospal’s pretty much a lock for 20 goals in the run-and-gun system, and his deal is pretty cheap and easy to back out of. Plus he can fill in at center if needed. He’s essentially taking the spot vacated by Nik Zherdev, which is funny because they’re both the same kind of players: lots of talent but they disappear at times.

2 Responses to “Rangers add Prospal”

  1. NYRjurgenno88 says:

    whilst i’d rather a young winger grab a spot the reality is we dont have any young wingers ready to take a scoring role. Its another solid move by Sather this off season becauyse again, its low risk high reward.

    If he ‘just’ performs (underperfoms) like last year its a 45 pt season,20 goals and thats well worth 1.1m.

    If he finds his old form and gets 65+ points its a steal. If he bombs we demote him and be on the hook for 500k…. good deal.

  2. Dave says:

    A rare good UFA signing. He can fill the2nd- 3rd line LW role. Looks like Lisin will have to earn his spot.