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July 10, 2009, by

Two little tidbits to help fill out the posting day:

  • Mara signed with Montreal, who seems to be signing everyone under the sun lately. They are the only team in the NHL with a larger roster turnover this year than the Rangers. Losing Mara’s locker room presence hurts more than losing Mara the player.
  • The Rangers signed Dane Byers, who will probably wind up on the 4th line out of camp this season. Terms are undisclosed as of now. I’ll update once the terms are released. Assume somewhere in the vicinity of $500,000-$600,000 range. Just a guess though, I don’t know what he made last year.

I would assume Slats is done wheelin’ and dealin’ for this offseason. The news about Dubinsky and Callahan should be coming in before July 20. I really don’t expect Callahan to go to arbitration, but filing for it protects him from qualifying offers. As for Dubinsky, he can still be the victim of a qualifying offer, but expect him to get signed to roughly 3 years/$6.75 million total.

The Depth Chart has been updated to reflect the Kotalik signing and the inevitable banishment of Nikolai Zherdev.

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  1. Jordan says:

    Morris or Zubov or another young gun?

    I am (as of today) leaning towards Zubov because he can QB the PP. No way on Morris in my mind.

  2. Dreadin' Redden says:

    Dave, I’m a Ranger fan and I’ve been following many of the salary cap/stat based hockey blogs and I’ve always been disappointed that the majority of Ranger blogs seem to be of the “OMG Zherdev’s so lazy!” variety. Thank God I found this blog.

    Secondly, initially I was inclined to agree with you on Mara. However, his advanced stats at behindthenet.ca are fairly interesting. Mara had the lowest GAON/60 (2.04) and the highest GFON/60 (2.33). Neither of those numbers are fantastic and Mara was facing relatively weak competition but still. I think Montreal will get good value on the Lumberjack.

    That being said, the Rangers need to open up some doors for some of the young defensemen in the system.