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June 27, 2009, by

Some little news and notes that I was unable to post yesterday, due to a power outage during that epic storm, and me scrambling to get my friend to DVR the draft:

  • Salary cap went up to $56.8 million, after the players acted on their right to increase the cap by 5%
  • The Flyers gave up too much for Pronger, but assuming they get under the cap, the move makes them a favorite in the Atlantic.
  • JayBo to Calgary for Jordan Leopold and a 3rd round pick. That’s a lot for a few days of negotiating. If they sign him, Calgary will be even more of a force next year.
  • I’m shocked Schroeder slipped all the way to 22. I thought for sure he was a top-15 pick
  • I screamed bloody murder when Glennie was picked 8th. I was so pissed, but there’s not much you can do when he’s drafted that high. Dallas may have overdrafted, I thought they should have gone with Ellis. But I’m bitter.
  • Taveras was the right pick to keep the Islanders on Long Island, but I think Hedman was the better pick from two standpoints. First, it’s rare that a defenseman of that caliber comes along. And second, the Islanders could have played it out differently, such as letting slip that they were going to take Hedman, and letting Tampa trade up, maybe getting another draft pick out of the deal.
  • I don’t know much on Chris Krieder, I will have to do some research before I comment, but this is from TSN:

    Analysis: “He has dynamite speed. A lot of scouts say he might be the best prospect out of New England since Brian Leetch and that’s pretty big praise.” – Pierre McGuire

That’s it for now.

Update 10:45am: I’m going to be apartment hunting all day, so go to Blueshirt Banter for a live chat on the draft. Jim is still in Montreal, and managed to get an interview with Schoenfeld last night. You should go check it out.

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