Rangers NTCs

May 13, 2009, by

As draft day nears, there are always “ideas” of trades, especially of the large contracts. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s look at who the Rangers have given no-trade clauses (NTC) and no-movement clauses (NMC). Information courtesy of

  • Chris Drury: Full NMC
  • Scott Gomez: NTC – has 3 teams he will not accept a trade to.
  • Wade Redden: NTC – has 8 teams he will not acept a trade to.
  • Michael Rozsival: NTC – has 8 teams that he will not accept a trade to.

Essentially, everyone other than Drury is moveable. Is it likely that these guys will be moved? No. The player with the biggest chance of being moved is Rozsival, but that is also highly unlikely.

This is just food for thought while everyone comes up with their wild trade scenarios.


  1. MaddMatt says:

    Gomez always seems to draw a lot of attention, especially in Edmonton, what do you think we could get from the Oilers?

    • Dave says:

      If I were Edmonton (or anyone for that matter), I wouldn’t trade for Gomez. It’s just an unnecessary contract. But, for shits and giggles, they would have to take Dustin Penner. He’s the whipping boy around Edmonton, and is a $4.25 million cap hit thru 2012. They would also probably have to take Steve Staios, who is a 34 year old defenseman and is a $2.7 million cap hit thru 2011. I would try and get the rights to Rob Schremp too, he’s an RFA and EDM is deep at C, to at least cover the skill level that they are losing in Gomez.


      To EDM: Gomez, probably a draft pick (5th rounder)
      To NYR: Staios, Penner, rights to Schremp

      Rangers take on $6.75 in salary thru 2011, and $4.25 thru 2012, but lose Gomez’s $7.357 thru 2014. They gain $500,000 in cap room thru 2011, $3.2 million in 2012, and then the full $7.357 after.

      But, as I said, EDM is stocked at C, and I don’t see anyone trading for Gomez.