Official: Naslund Retires

Well, it’s official, Markus Naslund has retired. He had a great career, and was a class act all the way.

This is nothing short of great news for the Rangers, who needed his $4 million off the books quite badly. For more on the impact of his retirement, refer to our previous post.

Update 5:10pm: The Depth Chart has been updated to reflect Naslund’s retirement.

4 Responses to “Official: Naslund Retires”

  1. I know he underperformed this year but I always liked Naslund. He was always professional and a quiet force…now next year I’d like to see a more aggressive leader, not named Avery.

    • I think you will slowly see the transfer of leadership from Gomez/Drury to Callahan/Dubinsky in the coming years.