Barnaby: “Rangers Inept”

February 27, 2009, by

Ex-Ranger and ESPN analyst Matthew Barnaby held a chat on Thursday and answered a few Ranger questions, where he referred to Rangers management as “inept”:

Kahtouni (Ottawa Ontario): What’s up with Wade Redden? Is he a top 10 defenseman anymore? He recently scored his 3rd goal of the year… are the Rangers as poorly run as the Knicks?

Matthew Barnaby: There is no way Wade Redden is a Top 10 D-man. He might be paid like one, but he has been struggling for a few years. The Rangers have drafted poorly over the last decade and signings such as Bobby Holik, Kasparaitis, to name a few, prove that they are an inept organization.

Inept is a little bit harsh. They have drafted a little better post-lockout, drafts that produced Dubinsky, Staal, Dawes, and Callahan, with Girardi as an undrafted signee, and Sanguinetti, Anisimov, Grachev and Del Zotto on the way.

He is right on the mark about the awful signings lately. However, you have to ask one thing: Is Matthew Barnaby really a credible source for your hockey answers?

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