Sanguinetti Still Around (Updated: Nope)

January 11, 2009, by

Bobby Sanguinetti, one of the top prospects in the Rangers’ farm, is still around today, lasting longer than I thought he would. Hartford’s next game is Wednesday, so if Sanguinetti wasn’t sent down today, I guess he will be hanging around until after the Rangers/Islanders tilt on Tuesday.

But will he play? Doubtful, he was probably an emergency call up in case Roszival’s injury on Friday was more than just stitches. I guess they didn’t want Corey Potter to rack up more airline miles.

Those who have been watching Sanguinetti note that he is not NHL ready yet, and needs to shore up his play in the defensive zone. Don’t expect him to play during this call up.

Update: Well that was short lived. He’s back in Hartford.

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