And I’m Back

January 4, 2009, by

I’m back from my vacation, and I have learned a few things:

1. It is really depressing when you fly from 90 degree weather to 30 degree weather.
2. I get really tan really fast. No, really, I look a different race right now.
3. Getting a total of 15 hours of sleep over 7 days is really not the smartest thing to do.
4. You only win at the craps table when it’s crowded.
5. I like losing at craps.
6. Cruises really are the best vacation you can take, I highly recommend them.
7. For some unknown reason, I did not have cell service in Aruba, but I had cell service in the middle of the Caribbean with no islands within 200 miles.
8. Duty-Free liquor could possibly be the best deal ever.
9. You really do get offered weed twice an hour on any Caribbean island, it’s not just Jamaica.
10. The new JetBlue terminal at JFK is great.
11. New terminal, same painfully slow baggage claim.
12. All Hail Petr Prucha!

I would like to thank Mike Axisa from River Ave. Blues for looking after the site while I was gone. He did a fantastic job.  If you haven’t heard of River Ave Blues, it’s the top Yankee blog out there. Check it out.

Update: For some unknown reason, whenever I post something, it comes up as a post from Mike. I’m trying to figure out why.

Update: Problem solved.

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