Tom Renney in Trouble

December 15, 2008, by

The Toronto Sun ran an interesting article. To quickly summarize, if the Rangers don’t start winning consistently, Tom Renney could be in major trouble, and Pat Quinn may not be unemployed much longer. I along with my co-author (who still has yet to write a post, where are you?) have been calling for Renney’s dismissal for quite some time, dating back to last season.

Tom Renney was exactly what this team needed a few years ago. He is a good coach, and will get a job elsewhere. The keyword in that sentence is was. It looks like he has lost the team. The players say that they like playing for Renney, and why would they say anything else? They are not a team that will air out their concerns to the media, we know this. However, just look at their body language during interviews, or the lackluster effort on the ice we have seen for the better part of a month, and you can tell they lack desire.

There is one glaring example of this, and that is Lauri Korpikoski. He went on a tear in Hartford, and earned another call up, only to be stuck on the fourth line with offensively challenged Colton Orr and Blair Betts. You can see his lack of enthusiasm in the way he plays and the way he skates.

It’s time for a change.

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