Sather Breaks Out the Welcome Mats

December 11, 2008, by

As published earlier, Sather is preparing to meet with Mats Sundin this weekend. If anyone didn’t expect this to happen, well, wake up. He was going to be in town, it made no sense to not sit down and talk with him.

Now the question is two fold, 1) How does he fit with the Rangers? and 2) How can they clear enough cap space to get him on the team?

To answer the first question, you could shift Drury to wing, where he hasn’t really been all that comfortable. You could also switch Dubinsky to wing, as he’s been terrible on faceoffs this year. Personally, I would switch Dubinsky over to wing for the time being. It will give him more freedom, and I personally like the sound of a Sundin/Dubinsky/Prucha line.

As for the second question, an interesting rumor came from ESPN, saying that the Rangers may be interested in Avery. The article states that it would be a Rozsival for Avery swap, with Avery being sent to Hartford to clear cap space for Sundin. I’m sure many people won’t agree with me when I say that is a stupid move. Rozsival is one of the best defensemen the Rangers have, and has been playing very well lately. It appears any lingering effects from his hip surgery have disappeared.

I don’t see why Sundin is necessary. This team has the tools to win, and Sundin just makes a slow team slower. They need to start capitalizing on chances, and stop making mediocre goaltenders into Patrick Roy.

Update 12:45pm: To clear up some space, they could always waive Kalinin ($2.1 million) and Fritsche ($875,000) and send them to Hartford. That clears up $3 million, which added on to the $1.3 million available, makes $4 million for Sundin.


  1. cwgatti says:

    I like Rozi too. The problem is how do you clear cap space unless you trade someone who is worth it? No one in their right mind would take Drury. If you can trade Rozi and basically just admit you made a mistake in signing he and Redden, in order to sign a STUD in Sundin, you gotta do it. This team is lame up front, Mats provides a dominant presence.

  2. Dave says:

    I personally look forward to a defensive lineup of Rosy, Redden, Girardi, Staal, Sanguinetti and Del Zotto. You always build from the net out.

    They could always waive Kalinin and Fritsche, clearing up another $3 million.

  3. NytesOwl says:

    Sundin isn’t coming to the Rangers…despite Sathers obvious willingness to chuck the developmental route in favor of the established Ranger tradition of overpaying for over the hill superstars.

  4. Dave says:

    I hope you’re right Nytes, I really do.