Metrics We Use

In an effort to gain more of an understanding of a player’s value to his team, specifically players we can’t watch daily, we are making more of an effort to use metrics in our analyses.  It’s not to say we are shunning goals, assists, powerplay points, and stats of that ilk; but we will generally try to stay away from stats that are more team based, like plus/minus.  It’s simply because there are now better options to use.

Each of the stats listed below are stats that we leverage here on a regular basis, and have written about he we utilize them.

Quality of Competition (QoC)
Corsi Rel QoC
Relative Corsi (RCorsi)
Situational Corsi
Corsi For %
Fenwick For %
Offensive Zone Starts
Points Versus Threshold (PVT)
Goals Versus Threshold (GVT)