Rangers no-show Game 7

There are very few words to describe what the Rangers did last night in Game 7. If you were getting flashbacks of the 2015 Game 7 against Tampa, this was worse. At least the Rangers looked like they were trying in that one. Instead, they were sloppy, lazy, bored, and looked like they had other plans on Wednesday and Friday this week, and couldn’t be bothered to win. Or even show up. The Rangers no-showed a Game 7.

What else is there to say? They didn’t show up for Game 7. Or Game 4. Or Game 5. Pathetic. Embarrassing. An insult to our intelligence and our fandom.

If Igor Shesterkin wasn’t in net, this game would’ve been 9-0.

Devils 1, Rangers 0

Turnover in the offensive zone on the powerplay by Adam Fox. This was the worst play of Adam Fox’s career.

Devils 1, Rangers 0

I honestly don’t have it in me to break this down. The Rangers disgusted me last night.

Devils 3, Rangers 0

Erik Haula off a turnover. We are done here. Not even bothering to try to get the video.

Devils 4, Rangers 0

Jesper Bratt empty netter.