NHL partners with Fanatics

The NHL has partnered with Fanatics for jerseys starting in 2024, replacing Adidas as the main NHL jersey maker. If you’re cringing while reading this, then you’re with a large number of fans who are questioning why the NHL would go with a jersey maker whose reputation is suspect at best. I don’t own a Fanatics jersey, but the reviews –quality, price, etc– speak for themselves.

Naturally, there were some solid replies to the NHL’s announcement.


The concern is with the quality of the product, as there have been stories of wrong numbers, wrong nameplates, misspelled names, etc. The good news is at the pro level, equipment managers handle these pieces. It’s also safe to assume Fanatics will provide the NHL with better quality than available to us normal people.

This is a 10 year deal with Fanatics, so they won’t be going anywhere for a while. The league does seem to be going for some stability, with long term deals in TV (ESPN and Turner) as well.


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