Sloppy Rangers barely survive Montreal

The New York Rangers were sloppy. Very sloppy. The lowly Montreal Canadiens, with names you’ve never heard of in their lineup, out skated, out played, and straight up out worked the Blueshirts all game long. Luckily for the Blueshirts, their powerplay was able to put up two goals to keep the game interesting in the most basic definition of the word. This was not a game the Rangers deserved a point,

There weren’t many highlights for the Blueshirts, but at least there were flashes of good play. Igor Shesterkin had a rough first period or so, but really answered the call in the third when the Rangers more or less forgot how to hockey. Shesterkin also bailed them out in overtime and made all three saves in the shootout to get the Rangers the second point.

This was not a game the Rangers deserved to win. Not by a long shot. But their skill won out, something that won’t happen if they continue to play like this. Either Ryan Lindgren really is the glue of this team, or they are just faking it until the playoffs.

Canadiens 1, Rangers 0

The Rangers turned the puck over in the defensive zone. Those usually wind up in the back of your net, and it did there.

Rangers 1, Canadiens 1

Adam Fox’s shot went through 4 players in front, including both Vincent Trocheck and Alexis Lafreniere, the latter of which got the tip and the goal.

Canadiens 2, Rangers 1

K’Andre Miller attempted to pressure in the neutral zone, missed, and blocked Filip Chytil’s path to cover for him in the process. That led to a 2-on-1, and Shesterkin got beat blocker side. I don’t blame goalies for goals on odd man rushes in most situations, and this is no different, but that’s one that Shesterkin usually stops.

Rangers 2, Canadiens 2

Not entirely sure what the Canadiens were doing here. Did they think Trouba wasn’t an NHL player and can’t score when given that much room that close to the net?

Canadiens 3, Rangers 2

Bad turnover by Patrick Kane. Bad read by Adam Fox on the ensuing rush. This game was ugly for the Rangers.

Rangers 3, Canadiens 3

Kane sure did respond here. The Rangers were still on the powerplay, and they moved the puck well with the powerplay unit thrown in the blender. This is just a ridiculous shot.


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