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As expected, the New York Rangers did not make any additional trades by today’s 3pm deadline. There were some rumblings that they could make an LTIR move and add a depth piece, but neither a trade nor an LTIR move ever came to fruition.

Update: The Rangers made two minor moves after the deadline passed, shoring up their AHL depth. Since those came after the deadline and impacted the AHL only, technically this post is still accurate.

There are still questions about how the Rangers will look for tomorrow’s game against Boston. There has been no news on Tyler Motte nor Ryan Lindgren. It’s possible the Rangers place Motte on LTIR, effectively shutting him down for the regular season (but not the playoffs), giving them wiggle room to make call ups to get to 18 skaters.

If neither Lindgren nor Motte are on LTIR, and if neither can go, the Rangers will be forced to again play with 11 forwards and 5 defensemen because the NHL makes up the rules as they go.

The loss to Ottawa does not count as the Rangers’ first game with a shorthanded roster, even though he was hurt in that game. No additional call ups can be made until one is on LTIR. Given the Rangers have 4 days off after this game, they may choose to keep both out and fake it with 16 skaters again. That should end well against Boston.


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