Bet the Stars, Habs, and one specific over

Welcome to the newest series to the blog, Blue Seat Bookie, where I–Tyler McGillick–will try to help you win money in hockey sports betting! I’ve become very fond of the sports betting market; plenty of losses yes, but some big wins along the way as well. With this twice a week article, I will give you my picks for the day and the rationale behind them in hopes that we can all make money together with our respective sports books.

Look for these articles to come out on days with lots of NHL action. With that lets get to those bets.

Define the Great Money Line

Looking at the odds, there are only a few true underdog matches, but there is a money line screaming at me:

Dallas Stars over Tampa Bay +135

The Tampa Bay Lightning are the defending champs and are 6-3-1 in their last ten, but look at how much better Dallas is playing this year under the coaching of Pete Deboer. They’re averaging 5.6 goals in their last 5 games, and on the season in 15 games played, they have a positive goal differential of +18.

The Stars have not only become a better scoring team, but they have learned how to defend. In the context of facing the Lightning, never hurts to have some added motivation of the sting of the Cup Final loss from a couple of years ago.

Pull up the Covers

Montreal Canadiens +1.5 puck line at -165 against the red hot New Jersey Devils

It’s no secret that the Devils are a well-oiled machine this year, rolling line after line of good hockey players who can put the puck in the net, but don’t let the 8-6-1 record of the Montreal Canadiens fool you. This is a scrappy team that are no pushovers, even with their younger talent on the team.

If you recall, this was the worst team in the NHL last year until they hired Martin St. Louis as their head coach. It completely changed their brand of hockey. They have become a much better team not only to watch, but wager on.

Overs or Unders

For today, hammer the over 6.5 at -125 of the Vancouver Canucks & Buffalo Sabres game.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this guy in Buffalo, his name is Tage Thompson, he’s a pretty good player now. He has that ability to take over a game and be a leader. On the flip side well, the Canucks are drowning in all sorts of drama and there are no life preservers coming their way anytime soon. Their goaltending is bad, their defense gives up high danger chances in bunches, and their forwards aren’t great but are still good for about 2 goals. Scoring should be the name of the game for this game. Buffalo has had no problems running up the score this season against sub .500 NHL clubs.

Go my friends, and may the STONKS be ever in your favor.

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Disclaimer: Lines and odds from BetMGM as of 9pm on 11/14/22. Odds and lines subject to change. Tyler may change his bets based on new odds and information that becomes available after article is published. If you choose to partake, please gamble responsibly and within your means! If you or anyone you know has a gambling addiction, please seek help. Gambling is only legal in the US for those 21 years of age and older.