Igor Shesterkin

So we are all in agreement that an Igor Shesterkin report card is probably unnecessary, right? The man won the Vezina in what should have been a unanimous vote. He was a finalist for the Hart Trophy. He posted near historic numbers, and no one even came close to matching them last season. Without him, the Rangers are a bottom team in the playoffs and one-and-done, for sure.

But, for the sake of completeness, we will do a Shesterkin report card

A Shesterkin report card really begins and ends with the awards, but awards voters aren’t overly smart as a whole. After all, 50 voters left Shesterkin off their Hart Trophy ballot, which is asinine. The voters get a lot wrong, but it’s hard to argue with one of the best statistical single seasons for a goalie on record.

You didn’t need a chart to see how good Shesterkin was. But this does illustrate how bad the Rangers were without him. The xFSv% is basically expected performance based on the team around him. The Rangers were bad at even strength, and he really bailed them out. Surprisingly though, the Rangers were someone good on the PK, but still we’ve all seen how good Shesterkin was there too.

There was no aspect of Shesterkin’s game that was deemed bad. Even areas where Henrik Lundqvist was deficient, Shesterkin excels. Just look at this pass in the playoffs.

He almost scored a goal too.

He will score a goal at some point in his career. It’s a matter of when, not if.

The only if is whether or not Shesterkin can do it again this season.

Grade: A+


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