The Ben Chiarot/Rangers rumors don’t pass the sniff test

The Ben Chiarot/Rangers rumors don't make sense.

Over the last few days, the Rangers have had their names thrown in on almost every rumor. It’s something we are going to see until the trade deadline, another reason why we’d like to see Chris Drury make his moves now, but there’s one player that just doesn’t make sense. The Ben Chiarot/Rangers rumors don’t pass the sniff test, and it sees that many of these rumors are fueled by misinterpretation.

The tweet above, transcribing Darren Dreger, was the latest in speculation fueling Ben Chiarot/Rangers rumors. This is the most obvious case of speculation, since Dreger says “I look at NYR.” That’s not a rumor. That’s just what he’s thinking. And quite frankly, it’s a little lazy.

We’ve covered this before, but the Rangers best assets are used in filling top of the roster holes. The Rangers do not have holes on the top of blue line. That top four is set, and sending a first round pick to address a 3LD hole that can likely be filled by Zac Jones is irresponsible asset management at its finest. If the cost is truly a first round pick and a mid-round pick, then that is way too rich for the Rangers.  Based solely on cost, the Chiarot/Rangers rumors simply don’t make sense.

Plus, Chiarot isn’t that good. But that’s a whole other story.