nhl olympics 2022

Per Chris Peters, it looks like the NHL is seriously considering pulling out of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. We knew this was a possibility, and that the NHL and NHLPA were talking about it, but now it looks like it is going to happen. Again though, nothing is confirmed.

The logic is simple: COVID is an issue. The Omicron variant is running wild through the league right now, with a few team shutdowns and some international (US/Canada) shutdowns as well. If the players go to Beijing, they are facing I think three weeks of quarantine when they come back. That’s likely a major reason why the players won’t be going.

Most AHL players are on NHL contracts, so they are out if NHL players are out. That leaves the AHL-only contracts, US born players playing in the KHL or the Euro leagues, and NCAA players. It certainly makes for a less flashy tournament, but it could still be fun.

Of course, that doesn’t take possible head coach David Quinn into account. We will see how this plays out.