Trouba controversial hits and captaincy are part of what makes him a critical cog for the NY Rangers.
Controversial Trouba hits and captaincy are part of what makes him a critical cog for the NY Rangers.

Despite an absolute butt kicking, I am not the least bit concerned about the Rangers going forward. As was said on the broadcast, from the game Tuesday night in Chicago, they didn’t arrive in New York until 3AM Wednesday morning. Players were gassed. The Rangers are still 17-5-3 and is very much poised to do great things this year. We’ll make this Rangers game thoughts brief.

Adam Huska is tough to get a true read on as I thought he looked serviceable, but the team just did not play well in front of him. The Rangers surrendered 39 shots on goal for their rookie goaltender making his NHL debut. He surrendered seven to arguably the deepest team in the entire league. It’s honestly an unfair evaluation period.

If I were Gallant and company, I’d seriously give Huska another chance to play against Buffalo after the team has had some rest and can be effective in front of him. This guy is putting up really decent numbers in Hartford as a 24 year old; there very well could be something here. Not to cause a goalie controversy, but I’d just let him have one more game before sending him back to Hartford.

Oh, and if you were a “fan” tonight who Bronx-cheered the poor kid making his debut, you really need to re-evaluate your life. Gallant was not pulling him, and he took his lumps tonight against some elite players in this league.

As a positive, the Rangers power play goal streak extended into yet another game and we got a first NHL goal for Nils Lundkvist. He’s been calling for the puck while on the power play a lot the last week or so, it was only a matter of time that the puck would go in for him. Other than this, this was a burn the tape kind of game.

You know who has also had a great last couple of games: Jacob Trouba. Not that I enjoy him sitting in the box, but he went back to back night with Gordie Howe hat tricks. He absolutely lit up Nathan MacKinnon with a hit and immediately got challenged by Landeskog. After that moment though, the game was all Avalanche. With that, there is not much more to say on this one. Fear not though, there’s absolutely no reason to panic, this was going to always be a loss. Okay, bring on Buffalo Friday!

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