The schedule makers need to review their effectiveness, as this game was a scheduled loss for the Rangers. Let’s lay out the situation:

  1. The Rangers played in Chicago last night, in the central time zone.
  2. They landed at 2:30am this morning, per the broadcast, in the eastern time zone.
  3. They had a game 16.5 hours after they landed.

Don’t even need to throw in the fourth string goalie that is Adam Huska getting a spot start. This was always going to be a loss, from the day the schedule was released. Now to the “fans” giving Huska a Bronx cheer in the second period, stop going to games. That was absurd, and shows your lack of understanding of the situation.

As for the game itself, it went out we thought it would go. This was a scheduled loss for the Rangers. They played ten strong minutes, then got smoked. They just won seven in a row. This happens. On to the next.

Avs 1, Rangers 0 – The rare Fox turnover

Adam Fox committed a rare error, throwing a long pass that got picked off by Cale Makar. He turned it quickly up to Nazem Kadri, who got it across to Mikko Rantanen, occupying the space left vacant by Chris Kreider when he left to change. Fox never recovered, and was used as a screen by Rantanen for the goal.

Rangers 1, Avs 1 – Reaves screen

The Avs had five guys below the hashmarks, leaving Jacob Trouba wide open in the high slot. Ryan Reaves with the screen in front, and Trouba is on a roll.

Rangers 2, Avs 1 – The first goal and the first fall

Nils Lundkvist gets his first NHL goal on the powerplay, which is fitting. Lundkvist found space in the Ovechkin spot, and let off a nasty wrister. Followed immediately by a failed celly.

Avs 2, Rangers 2 – MacKinnon

K’Andre Miller got caught with a little puck watching, but this is still all Nathan MacKinnon here. Worth noting that Miller-Trouba got shelled defensively this game.

Avs 3, Rangers 2 – Poorly timed switch

Ryan Lindgren chased too high on this one, up to the faceoff dot. Ryan Strome covered low then switched, but Lindgren was slow to react to get back, leaving Nazem Kadri open in front just a bit too long for the deflection.

Avs 4, Rangers 2 – Scheduled loss

It’s clear the Rangers were gassed in this one. Lindgren followed the first pass to the boards, which is unlike him. That left Alex Newhook open for the tic-tac-toe goal.

Avs 5, Rangers 2 – Undressed

Miller got undressed here.

Avs 6, Rangers 2 – Hanging Huska out to dry

Trouba was basically forced out of position by some goon trying to start a fight, despite Trouba already answering the call prior. This led to Dryden Hunt’s pass misfiring, and to another Logan O’Connor goal on a breakaway.

Avs 6, Rangers 3 – Chytil finally breaks through

MacKinnon doesn’t take the passing lane for the third man in, which was Filip Chytil. Also this was a fantastic back check (not shown) by Miller and Lundkvist to break up the 2-on-1 prior, then turn the play up the ice.

Avs 7, Rangers 3 – Uncle

Don’t know how Rantanen was left so wide open in front, but that’s what happened.

Game Flow

All Avs, all the time. Games like this happen, and you just move on.

Shot Heatmap

What else did you expect when looking at this?

Scheduled loss. On to the next.

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