Quick takes on Blackwell and Giordano

In case you missed it, Seattle will be taking Colin Blackwell tonight when the expansion draft takes place. Funny enough, the entire roster was leaked by Frank Seravalli over the course of a few hours. That’s what happens when the NHL makes the event 10 hours after the submission date. That was stupid on their part. But it was a fun day for the rest of us.

Back on point, another little tidbit was that the Rangers might have a trade in place with Seattle to get Blackwell back. Rick Carpiniello said it might be for Mark Giordano. Let’s get some quick thoughts in before the expansion draft.

1. If the rumor about Giordano is true, then there is no single defenseman out there who fits the Rangers’ needs better. Giordano, even if he’s 38, has been incredibly effective and is still a solid defenseman. He’s a stopgap until Zac Jones (or Matthew Robertson) with one year left on his deal at$6.75 million. The Rangers can easily absorb that cap hit and have enough to re-sign all RFAs, including Pavel Buchnevich. He’s the perfect veteran presence needed on a very young blue line. He could be a big acquisition on a win now team.

2. As with everything, we will need the details of the trade that sends Blackwell –and potentially Giordano– back to the Rangers. There were some saying it must have been a heck of a trade. I disagree. Blackwell is a fourth liner. Giordano is a 38 year old expensive defenseman with one year left.

3. It is very clear that Chris Drury has a plan and is targeting very specific players. Goodrow. Possibly Giordano. These are guys that are still productive NHLers that fill a very specific role. This is the difference between these deals and win-now deals of the past.

4. Trades with Seattle can’t be announced until tomorrow at 1pm. We will know more then. Or we can just wait until Seravalli leaks them all tomorrow morning.