Quick hits on the Goodrow and Howden trades

Apparently the 3pm trade deadline today was a 4pm deadline. About 90% of the trades were announced after 3pm, which was a tad annoying. As for me, I had somewhere to be at 4, so I posted about the Rangers not doing anything. Low and behold, 3 minutes later they traded for Barclay Goodrow and sent Brett Howden to Vegas in separate trades. I was in the parking lot writing that post from my phone, and deleting the old one. That was fun.

Anyway, here are some quick hits on the two trades:

1. First on Goodrow, the Rangers gave up a 7th for about a week of negotiating rights. Even if they don’t sign him, they have two other 7th rounders, so this isn’t really a big price to pay. If they can get Goodrow on a good contract, then by all means, this was worth it. If they can’t, then they paid next to nothing. Low risk.

2. The Goodrow contract has the potential to be a doozy though, so let’s hope the Rangers don’t have a “sign him no matter what” feeling on Goodrow.

3. As for the Howden trade, getting a 4th rounder from him is a coup. Getting another defense body is just gravy.

4. The Howden trade wasn’t necessarily a shocker, but it is a good indicator that Drury is ready to move on from some of David Quinn’s favorites.

5. A more thorough thoughts post tomorrow.