Report: Rangers “asking for” a first round pick for Alex Georgiev

rangers sabres alex georgiev

Per Frank Seravalli at Daily Face Off (he moved on from I believe TSN and he’s still the head of the PHWA, I think, so the source is legitimate), the Rangers might make Alex Georgiev available. The asking price, unsurprisingly, is high at a first round pick. Given that Georgiev is only 24 years old and has at least some reputation as a solid goalie, this checks out.

That said, as the blurb about Georgiev states, the Rangers don’t need to trade Georgiev. It’s a luxury. Thus the high asking price. There are still teams that will call on Georgiev, and it makes you wonder how firm that asking price truly is.

It also makes logical sense that the Rangers would at least field calls on Georgiev. It’s a luxury to trade him, but it’s also a luxury to keep him around. There’s no rush here. The right deal will come along.