Rangers sign Nils Lundkvist to entry level contract

The waiting is over, the NY Rangers have signed prospect Nils Lundkvist to an entry level contract.

As expected, the cap hit is up there for an ELC, with a $925K cap hit that can get up to $1.775 million with bonuses. Lundkvist is one of the more highly regarded Rangers prospects who has been one of the SHL’s best defensemen.

It is expected that Lundkvist competes for the 3RD spot on the Rangers next season. It would be surprising if he starts the year in Hartford.

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  • Now I’m more positive they look to trade a “D” with someone and the 15th pick. Not sure for whom, but it looks more realistic, with the right side “D” basically set for a few years.

  • I think the question quickly becomes: who’s your 1RD? Fox or Lundkvist?

    They have Fox on a good deal and he’s a home town guy, but Lundkvist gonna force the issue and Schneider is waiting in the wings to more properly fill a 3rd pair role. It’s a great dilemma to have.

    Lundkvist can run a power play and is a one man zone exit & entry; but he’s also a sneaky good defender in his own end and does a great job setting moving picks in his own end when he doesn’t have the puck.

      • Lundkvist didn’t really do it that much from when I’ve seen him or on lineup sheets. Not sure I’d want Fox doing it, but maybe slide Trouba over for the Holden/Klein mojo.

        • I remember one of the reasons Trouba wanted out of Winnipeg b/c they played him on the left side, and he did not like it. He can play that side apparently, but not his preference.

        • Like that idea of sliding Trouba over. Allows him to stop thinking so much on breakout passes, and gives Fox/Lundqwist the control over that part of the game. Let Trouba be a hunter for the big hit across the zone, like a Scott Stevens/Ken Daneyko situation reversed.

    • Fox, today, tomorrow, next year, 3 years from now… Only because Fox is elite.

      But Nils may be the best current D prospect that we have. Better than Miller.

  • What are the odds Lundkvist could end up a better player than Fox. In light of Fox’s play the past two years that seem really unlikely. Just curious what people think. Especially any of you who have watched Lundkvist play.

    • Also, I read a scouting report, his draft year, that said Lundkvist has bit of a chip on his shoulder and a little bite to his game. Haven’t seen anything else on that since then. Should I assume that was a bogus description of his play?

  • I hope we keep him and Schneider too, but also Robertson. So 2 of these 3 will be Rangers and the other may be packaged up in a trade. Great 3rd line of D coming soon

    • Exactly, let’s build from a skilled, physical defense outward. Between that and the wing situation, we can live with the center situation as is.

    • Full no trade for another 3 years and he’s your only experienced dman (more than 2 years). Along with Lindgren, one of your few physical guys. Let Schneider play a year or two in Hartford then trade Trouba.

      • Yep, and that’s why trade scenarios involving Schneider are ridiculous. He’s Trouba’s replacement at some point.

        IMO, Robertson and Jones are the most likely D men prospects to be traded.

  • Lundkvist reminds me a lot of another highly skilled Swedish defenseman Adam Boqvist. Adam is still trying to find his way into the NHL. I wish nothing but success for the young prospect Lundkvist, but I want to see how he adapts playing with the big boys on the smaller ice surface before I hand him the Norris trophy.

    • Adam Boqvist still learning to play AHL D, but at the NHL level. Meanwhile, the offensive game has dried up as Chicago doesn’t play to his strength: entering the zone on his strong hand, carrying deep to create chaos, then coming out the weak side to dish or shoot.

      Lundkvist is nothing like Boqvist. Never struggled against men, has played D from the hop.

  • while there seemingly appears to be a logjam now at d, its important to remember that it takes d men (esp smaller puck moving variety) time, perhaps the longest, to develop. so realistically, by the time schneider and nils are fully nhl calibre it’ll be time to deal trouba. that is assuming none are in trades etc. and not accounting for injuries where org depth has never been a downside…

  • Lundqvist and Buch will be traded for new center. Drury prefer to keep Schneider not Lundqvist.

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