Lightning doesn’t strike thrice, Rangers to draft at #15

The Rangers will draft at #15 in the 2021 NHL Draft. Lightning did not strike for a third year in a row, and they did not win the draft lottery this year. That is perfectly ok, as while there is no consensus top overall pick, the draft does have a lot of good mid-round talent.

Even without winning the lottery, the Rangers are still in a great spot. They have some solid talent coming over this year, and if they make the pick, will likely get another great prospect to add to the pool.

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  • Hey, at 15 they should still have an opportunity to grab a decent player. May they pick well!

  • Something tells me that pick is getting packaged away in a blockbuster. Don’t think they would have moved the first or second pick had they won the lottery.

      • I use to think Chytil could be a poor man’s Hertl. I now see that as being very far fetch…

        Don’t be so naive tanto!! By adding Eichel to a surpreme 1-2 punch down the middle and this young core is well worth it. Chytil, Kakko and a couple of picks is highway robbery on NYR’s part.

        • Trading for Echelon would be a mistake. Strome and a couple of draft choices for Kucherov from Washington. 1st line Mika centering for Kreids and Buch 2nd line Kuch centering for Panarin and Kravtsov. 3rd line Chytil centering for Laffy and Kakko. Then build a decent 4th line

          • Kucherov plays for Tampa. I assume you’re talking about Washington’s Kuznetsov instead. Kuznetsov contracted covid twice this season, and has been a cocaine user in the past. The Rangers should stay well away from him. And I don’t know who Echelon is, but I assume you’re talking about Eichel.

          • Recent article in the Washington Post highlighted how poorly Kuznetsov has performed the last couple of years since his big season. Yeah, they should and probably will avoid him.

          • Not only has Eichel missed most of this season due to injuries (a pretty serious neck injury in fact) but the price is way too high. Without even knowing exactly what the price will be, i still know it’ll be too high. Id rather Hertl, he’s a legit talented C and wouldnt cost half the team to acquire.

    • Agreed, we can still get a good player at 15 but i have a feeling we’re going to trade it as part of a package for someone established

  • Hopefully the Rangers can get a high-end bottom six player at 15OA. We already have our potential elite talent in Kakko (2019 2OA) and Lafrenière (2020 1OA). Now is the time to fortify the bottom half of the forward corps with home-grown role players possessing identity, character, and distinct skill sets which are crucial in building a team for extended playoff runs (and hopefully, a Stanley Cup championship or two).

    • Miller>Hayes>Kreider

      Rangers are already looking to trade CK within 2 years when his exposure opens up.

  • Lots of good center icemen that will be available around the 15th spot at the draft. Rather then chase the overrated, overpaid veteran players, draft baby draft.

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